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Welcome Back! A New Look + 8 Years Of Blogging

Hello, and welcome back to A Girl, A Style (version 3.0)! Firstly, I should probably apologise for the accidental blogging hiatus. No sooner had I written this post about taking a break from politics ... View Post

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A Life Update: A Career Change

I have a confession to make: my day job and I are on a break. As most of you know, by day I work in government - well, I did... until now. I'd been happily hurtling myself full-steam along a career ... View Post

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7 Things for the Weekend

My husband (still feels so weird saying that!) has a meeting in Oxford today, so I'm tagging along so that we can make a weekend of it. I've been many times before, but it's one of my favourite cities ... View Post

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Summer Picnic on the River Cam

Hello from Cambridge! Sincere apologies for the sporadic posting around here; this month is proving extra hectic between election campaigning (don't forget to vote today!), wedding planning (and my ... View Post

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7 Things for the Weekend

Hola from Spain! Apologies for the slightly delayed weekend post; I'm staying in a gorgeous villa in the remote hills of the Costa del Sol and wifi is scarce to say the least. We're here for a week to ... View Post


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Hello! I’m Briony, a 30-something political advisor turned blogger and digital strategist. Originally from Australia, I now divide my time between London and Cambridge (though I’m really a Francophile New-Yorker at heart).


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