I Heart New York

Hello from New York, my lovelies!

As those who follow me on Twitter will know, I’ve escaped to New York for 10 blissful days of post-Fashion Week downtime. I’m staying with my favourite girl in New York, Nicolette Mason, and together we’re happily galavanting all over town. I’m having enormous fun getting to know Williamsburg in Brooklyn (where I’m staying, but which I’ve never really explored before), which is positively heaving with hipsters, cool little eateries, boutiques, vintage stores and tree-lined streets.

And of course there are my usual favourite New York things to do: endless walks around Central Park; strolling the Upper East Side; museum loitering; window shopping on 5th Avenue; fantasising about living in the pretty redbrick townhouses of the West Village; passing all the iconic sights and pretending not to care, but actually feeling like an excited child; stocking up on American gum and candy (it’s the best); getting giant plates of berry-stuffed French toast for brunch; people-watching in Washington Square Park; watching the city whizz by from the back of a yellow taxi.

Do you have any favourite New York things to do or places to visit I should try and squeeze into my last few days here?

Love, Miss B xx


19 thoughts on “I Heart New York

  1. If I’m not too late, walk the High Line in Chelsea! In general, Chelsea/meatpacking dist., the village, Soho & Tribeca are lovely for wandering around. If you’re in Union Square, go to the Eataly food market and stare in amazement at all the Italian goodies.

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