New Year’s Eve

Oh, what a tremendously good year 2011 has been! From darting all over the world (Australia! Moscow! Berlin! New York! Scotland!), the humbling success of this blog, a wonderful summer filled with sunshine and simple pleasures, all kinds of thrilling fashion adventures, to my wonderful friends and loved ones, I feel rich with the joys the past year has brought. I think it’s important to remember and be grateful for the good things life brings, and it makes me smile to look back at all these lovely memories of the past year.


Escaping the Northern Hemisphere winter and seeing in the New Year in my homeland with loved ones, white sandy beaches, rolling vineyards, the sun on my back and as many souvenirs as my suitcase could contain. Afternoon tea and decadent chocolates in warm, sugary havens on gloomy London evenings. Fully embracing the preppy uniform after two years of living in Cambridge. Cosy hibernation indoors with piles of books, good music and pots of tea. Cambridge formals in grand college dining halls straight out of Hogwarts. Wintery weekend escapes to English manor houses.


A photo shoot for an exciting magazine feature. Birthday gifts and parties. So many of my fashion dreams coming true at Fashion Week – front rows, backstage, and everywhere in between at all my favourite shows set in the grandest of London locations. Willing the arrival of Spring.


Winning my first major blog award as part of Red Magazine’s Red Hot Women ’20 Under 30′ Awards (a huge honour, to say the least!). Packing all my warmest clothes and shiniest belongings to be whisked off to Moscow by Mango for a whirlwind trip that fulfilled so many fantasies. A brief return home to repack my suitcases, and then it was off to Berlin with the Clever Boyfriend for grand architecture, remarkable history, flea market rummaging and cake tourism. Making new Easter traditions.


London looking resplendent for the lovely fairytale Royal Wedding. Despite being diagnosed with a rather nasty life-threatening illness (all better now!) which forces me to slow down, the arrival of spring has me wanting to skip through fields, pick wildflowers, eat ice cream and wear nothing but pink. Walks along Southbank and climbing to the top of Primrose Hill for picnics in the sunshine with the most marvellous views of London. My first invite to Chanel HQ and some lovely new additions to my wardrobe.


Enjoying my enforced relaxation (doctor’s orders) by appreciating life’s simple pleasures: filling my home with fresh flowers from the market every week, bike rides down country lanes, blowing daffodils in the breeze, lying in fields in the sunshine watching fluffy clouds float past, picnics, a box of Laduree macarons and the taste of the first strawberries of the season. Remembering my Mother’s wisdom. A good dose of British pomp and ceremony at Trooping the Colour followed by afternoon tea at a palace. Discovering Cambridge speakeasy cocktail bars. Mulberry merriment. Bows on my toes.


Nesting and organising my new home. Trips to the English seaside with dear friends to soak up some sunshine, build sandcastles and collect seashells. Filling my basket with flowers and going for rides on my Pashley. Long, balmy Summer evenings. Punting on the Cam. Sitting on the grass eating mangoes in the sun. Falling a little bit more in love with Cambridge, so lovely in the summertime.


Enjoying all the loveliness of summer. Playing tourist in London. Avoiding unnecessary purchases by honing my wardrobe and enjoying my beloved Chanel treasures. Sunny Saturdays in Notting Hill – treasure hunting on Portobello Road, buying great armfuls of flowers and long, lazy brunches on Westbourne Grove. Riding vespas and enjoying gorgeous Italian models at a party with Dolce and Gabbana at Net-a-Porter HQ. Outdoor picnics on the banks of the Cam on long summer evenings.


Glorious London weekends – stays in grand hotels, feeding the swans in St James’ Park, waving to the Queen at Buckingham Palace, sitting on striped deckchairs in the sun in Green Park, walks down Piccadilly, window shopping on Bond Street, dinner dates, going to the theatre, and having breakfast at Laduree. Pearls, pastels and the last days of summer in secret Cambridge college gardens. Reading poetry on bridges as students float down the river on punts. Making time to be peaceful and linger in blissful repose.


Picking blackberries from the hedgerows on walks in the country. My Father’s wisdom. Filling days off work with all manner of fun activities. Fashion Week swings around again and the Spring/Summer shows are a thrill to watch – Mulberry goes to the seaside, Christopher Kane goes back to the 90s, Erdem is a vision of Great Gatsby loveliness, Giles is a tour de force in the Royal Courts of Justice, and a sea of champagne awaits after the lovely Burberry show in Kensington Gardens. Buying the glittery shoes of my dreams at Miu Miu.


Taking off to New York for a glorious two weeks. Picnics in Central Park. Flea Market treasure-hunting, adorable cafes, perfect boutiques & staying with my transatlantic soul sister in Brooklyn. Strolling Soho, walking the High Line and dreaming of living in a brownstone walkup in the West Village. The bright lights of Times Square and Broadway dreams. Golden leaves, prepsters, secret societies and ivy league grandeur on a trip to Yale. Trips to galleries, window-shopping, ladies who lunch and strolling the leafy streets of the Upper East Side. Buying souvenirs and treasures that make me smile. Giving thanks for the things I treasure. Making pumpkin pies to celebrate Halloween and the arrival of autumn. Winning my second major blog award at the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards.


Enjoying the joys of autumn with a weekend Staycation in Cambridge. Showing you all what a day in my life looks like. Festive cocktails and dressups with an entire rail of couture gowns at The Outnet. Hopping on a Eurostar and having a long weekend in Paris with a dear friend. Golden light and candy floss pink sunsets over the Seine. Pastries for breakfast, galleries at lunch, and strolling the tiny streets of Montmarte. The Christmas windows at Printemps. Literary cafes, vintage shopping, bookstores and walks along the Left Bank. The Chanel mothership on Rue Cambon. Buying French perfume, boxes of macarons, scented candles, silk blouses, jewels and other lovely Parisian souvenirs.


Stella McCartney’s Christmas party, complete with the cast of Absolutely Fabulous, a Beatle and a Spice Girl, tables set with gingerbread and sparkly accessories. Hot chocolate and roasting chestnuts. A wintery trip to Scotland. Ice skating beneath Edinburgh Castle and nighttime ferris wheel rides. Ghost walks. The Nutcracker. The most exciting snow day in Cambridge during an unseasonably warm winter. Glittery nails everyday. Carollers at the Palace of Westminster echoing through the hallways as I work. Wintery walks along the Thames. The Christmas lights in London. The smell of gingerbread men and Ralph Lauren holiday candles filling my house. Christmas cheer with loved ones. Dressing up for the theatre. Ringing in the new year with a tea party, cocktails and lots of glitter.

Finally, to every single person who visits here each week, leaves lovely comments and tweets, sends me touching emails, and generally is so supportive of my little passion project that is A Girl, A Style, I simply cannot thank you enough for all your support. You make me smile every single day!

So whoever and wherever you are, I wish you a healthy, happy, sparkly and joyous New Year. Here’s to a wonderful 2012!

Love, Miss B xx

66 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve

  1. What a lovely round up and it’s been great discovering your blog this year. I’ve bookmarked the Berlin posts as I’m heading there in a few weeks and want to discover more of the city, very excited! Happy New Year!

  2. What a fantastic 2011 you had! I love what you’ve done with the photos here too…

    It’s been a total pleasure to have found you – hope to see more of you in 2012… including a Pashley ride too!

    Lady Vélo x

    • Thank you! And that does sound exciting indeed – I am so excited to be going to Japan myself in Spring (sure there will be an abundance of posts on here while I’m there).

      B xx

    • Thank you so much lovely Anne! And SO pleased we finally got to meet in New York this year (thank you for our lovely Chelsea/High Line date!). Wishing you a wonderful 2012 too!

      B xx

  3. What a delightfully written post! And the photos are so nostalgic too. I especially love those from Australia, though they make me pine for the beach at this time of year (despite mild temps in NY currently). Have a wonderful 2012. You deserve it, and I wish you good health. I hope you’re feeling better!

    • Aww thank you so much on all counts! And the pictures are making me pine for Australian sunshine and beaches too (although we’re also having un unseasonably warm winter here in England – it’s still in double digits celcius!).

      B xx

      • I saw that Melbourne was 42 Celsius yesterday. I am from Sydney though sure it was as warm (my facebook newsfeed seems to be filled with pics of the blue skies gracing Coogee, Manly and Bondi!) Way to make me jealous. NYC has been mild though today it was -5C! Enjoy London – hopefully the weather will stay lovely for a large part of winter! Stay warm!!

  4. I’m so glad I made it until the end, because this post is way longer than other 2011-overview-posts I read. Anyway, it was great to read it and look at the wonderful pictures you made.
    I hope you’ll have a great year 2012. I’m looking forward to read much more posts of you.

    xxx, B.

  5. Ah B looking at your year in pictures is an utter treat on this dull grey, back to work/school windy morning! What an amazing year when you look back at it! Happy New Year my gorgeous girl and so glad to call you my friend in 2011…long may our fashion adventures continue in 2012 and beyond! xxx

    • Thank you my darling!! So pleased we got so many adventures this year (and my trip to visit you in Dorset and the seaside on that lovely sunny day is one of my happiest memories). Here’s to a wonderful 2012!

      B xx

  6. I stumbled upon your blog when, I think it was Glitter Guide, posted a list of the top 10 people to following on instagram (obsessed!).

    I LOVE looking at pictures and imagery, and you are a favorite – from there I ended up here and very happy about it! I enjoyed your recap of the last year and look forward to the next – and still dying over the Chanel windows you posted. Amaze.

    Happy New Year!

  7. What a lovely round-up Miss B, you’ve inspired me to do one of my own. I usually do a list of 10 things I’ve achieved, but this is a much merrier approach. Here’s to an equally successful & glamorous 2012, and better health : )x

  8. Aww… What a lovely year you had. “I think it’s important to remember and be grateful for the good things life brings, and it makes me smile to look back at all these lovely memories of the past year”- so well stated!

    I hope 2012 is wonderful for you.

  9. What gorgeous photos and a lovely post! I just wanted to say thank you for your blog and your infectious sense of joie de vivre that shines through it. I love dipping into it and it’s inspired me to dig out a few treasured sparkles from my mother and grandmother and wear them on a far more regular basis (and yes, piled on together) – and to be a bit more adventurous on the nail polish front too. Little things maybe but they are all very life enhancing – so here’s to a wonderful, happy and healthy 2012 to you!

    Angie x

  10. I discovered your blog in April and I’ve had so much fun reading it 🙂 This is a perfect summary of your year, here’s to another a great one!! XX

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  12. I have a lot of love for this post. I love your snapshots of your year – lots of delights, sights, and plenty of macaroons 😉 (what more could you want?). It looks like you have had an excellent year despite your health scare – but now there’s no point on dwelling on that! Positivity. Positivity. I wish you all of the best for this year darling. xx

  13. Great blog, love your voice, love the diversity of your photos
    that really capture details. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing! Wanted to share my love at the moment for small boutique Zadia Designs, check them out I’ve splurged on amazing jewellery without breaking my bank & therefore no guilt 🙂 Best thing is their designs are one off – noone else will ever have them! 🙂 This girls’s in love! Looking forward to following your new adventures through 2012! Lily x

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