Kitties and Cats

Regular readers will know that despite my very serious day job, I never like to take my wardrobe too seriously. While my daily outfits are mostly a steady rotation of breton stripes, silk blouses and pretty dresses, I love and injection of wit and whimsy that serves only to make me smile when practicality just won’t do. (Yes England, I am talking about you and your seemingly perpetually rainy skies this month…)So when this package of goodies from Paul and Joe’s absurdly cute anniversary cat collection arrived on my doorstep the other day (thank you!), I practically squealed with glee! While they’re all the most wearable and pretty colours in their own right, the adorable packaging (the cutest I have ever seen) makes me smile the whole time I’m using it. I mean, blush sticks shaped like gentemanly cats in hats and paw print lipsticks? In my opinion, makeup should more commonly be shaped like small furry creatures…!

And while it wasn’t strictly necessary to team it with my favourite Charlotte Olympia Kitty heels and golden cat ring from Whistles, I couldn’t resist throwing all semblence of restraint out the window and embracing Cat Lady-chic with wild abandon. I’d love to know how you’re currently injecting a little fun into your wardrobe? All this rain surely calls for something to make our wardrobe smile!

Love, Miss B xx


33 thoughts on “Kitties and Cats

    • I totally agree I spotted the Paul and Joe kitty lippy a few months ago but I just couldn’t bare to use it…..just too cute! Right there with you- Pink Hunters waiting by the door as we speak!! x

  1. Oh my goodness….I’m not a cat person but these are just so beautiful and guaranteed to bring a smile to your face when getting ready in the morning…even on the rainiest of days! And I still love those Kitty heels…gorgeous post B! xx

  2. Oh I love your Charlotte Olympia heels and this little delicate gold ring! These are so cute! I love to add fun little accessories just like this ring to my daily outfit. Just looking at it every now and then makes my day a little brighter and a bit more fun. 😉
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  3. Adorable products to make life a little more exciting! I admire your impeccable taste! Those Charlotte Olympia heels are a dream! They definitely add some meow! to any outfit! xox -Caroline

  4. Omgosh, that is sooo cute!!! im not a cat fan myself but that cat blusher and lip sticks are soo cute!!! I don’t know if i would have the heart to even use the lip sticks, the kitty heads are just adorable, hehe

    Love the pink nail polishes as well, perfect for summer!

  5. I absolutley LOVE all of this!

    I dont think we have any Paul & Joe stockists in Aus though 🙁

    BTW, love all your posts! they always bring a smile to my face 🙂

  6. So cuuute. Oh my gosh, there is so much cuteness in this post. Why do I feel like Charlotte Olympia kitten shoes are popping up everywhere at the moment? They are so amazing.

    Love the makeup and totally agree with you about injecting some fun into your wardrobe. Unfortunately it is so hot in Zurich that all I can think about is staying cool. Currently sitting in my living room trying not to sweat. Boo. Better than it being too col though. Come visit for some heat! xx

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  8. oh my gosh, SUCH a cute post! <3

    I'm now following you via BlogLovin', it'd be awesome if you'd check out my blog?

    Xo Sahra

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