Beauty Wednesday: Date Night Beauty

Whether you should find yourself single, in a relationship or just taking a look at the menu, there should always be room for the kind of dates that give you butterflies in your stomach and make you want to put on the most wonderful dress in your wardrobe. Even though I’ve been with the Clever Boyfriend for over seven years (!), every Friday evening we completely clear our schedules, get dressed up and have a weekly date night.

When you’re dabbling in a little flirtation, you want to look your best (of course); as though you’ve gone to a little effort (it’s only polite, after all), but like you didn’t really have to try very hard (because you’re just naturally that pretty and radiant). Here’s how to master date night pretty via a few of my favourite beauty tricks:

1. Perfect: Keep skin fresh and clean. I like a BB cream (I’m currently obsessed with Estee Lauder’s excellent version) or a tinted moisturiser with concealer just where it’s needed. Avoid heavy foundation (you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a mask) and too far from your own skin tone.

2. Glow: For a little extra glow, I use a subtle tan such as Institut Esthederm Self-Tanning Face Cream (applied the day before so there is no telltale smell) which means you need less makeup, and an illuminator blended invisibly around the cheekbones, brow bone, down the bridge of the nose and on the cupid’s bow (to highlight the lips). Avoid anything glittery; you want to look naturally radiant. Benefit’s High Beam or Moon Beam of Clarins Instant Light Skin Perfector give the best natural glow.

3. Colour: Add a pop of colour to your cheeks and lips for a pretty flush. Avoid obvious bronzer or lipstick and stick to tinted lipbalms (bright lipstick can seem scary to the gents) and a pink, peachy or rosy blush or cheekstain (as a guide, a shade close to the colour you naturally blush will always be flattering).

4. Eyes: Make sure your eyes are worthy of longing gazes and emphasise your lashes. Apply a wash of neautral shadow in a pale champagne or taupe to subtly draw attention to the eyes (I like Mac paint pot in Bare Study followed by shadow in Koi for contouring the socket line). Follow with a flirty flick of liquid liner (Stila’s Stay All Day felt tip marker is the easiest to apply and will literally last all night) and a coat of lengthening mascara and finish by grooming your brows to frame the face (I like Suqqu’s brow palette or Benefit’s waxy brow pencil for filling in any gaps).

5. Finish. Finish with a mist of setting face spray to keep everything flawless and budge proof (you don’t want a smudge of makeup all over his collar when you kiss goodnight, after all). I love Jurlique Rosewater Mist (which makes your face smell like rose petals) or Urban Decay’s All Nighter setting spray. Paint your nails a pretty nude colour for sweet hand holding. Squirt a favourite perfume (Marc Jacobs Daisy is always a man-pleaser) wherever you want to be kissed.

Just add a gorgeous outfit and a flirty smile and you’re ready to hit the town on the arm of your dashing date.And because I treasure you all, I’ve pulled together a date night beauty kit filled with all my favourites (pictured above) thanks to the nice people at eHarmony for one of you to win. The prize (worth £135) contains: Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume (to smell gorgeous), Benefit Bad Gal mascara (for fluttery lashes), Mac blush in a pretty petal pink (for a flirty flush), Essie pastel pink polish in Muchi Muchi (for the prettiest hand-holding manicure), Benefit Moon Beam highlighter (for a radiant glow) and Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector (for kissable lips).

To win, leave me a comment telling me why you want to win (and if you have any special dating or beauty tips I should know about). For bonus brownie points, follow A Girl, A Style on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram (@agirlastyle) or Bloglovin‘ (make sure you let me know which of these you’ve done in your comments).

Fine print: I’ll select the winner on September 10th, so please be sure to include your email address so that I can contact you to post your prize. Entry is open to UK residents.

Do you still make time for date night? I’d love to hear your favourite flirty beauty tips!

Love, Miss B xx

* Edit: This competition is now closed. Congratulations to Becky on winning!


203 thoughts on “Beauty Wednesday: Date Night Beauty

  1. What an excellent post! I also have date nights with my husband. I love dressing up for him — the expectation of a great night so invigorating when you’ve been together for years. I would love to win this gorgeous package of products because the colours really suit my style, but, most of all, because of the Daisy perfume. I wore a version of Marc Jacobs “Daisy” the day that we met. Sadly, I no longer have this perfume, but when we wander round the shops, my gent would sometimes stop and sniff the Marc Jacobs scent because its evokative smell reminds him of our first encounter. It would be lovely to surprise him with a few strategically placed spritzes of it!

    PS: I follow you on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and am now following Jazzed on Facebook and Twitter, too.

  2. Love the idea of date night, been with Oh for 13 years and since we had baby 19months ago there has been no dates! Boo hiss, if I won this gorgeous prize I would insist on going out. X

  3. I want to win this wonderful giveaway because there are so many products in there that have been on my wish-list for months (especially that Estee Lauder BB cream)!

    Also, I have followed and liked Jazzed UK on Twitter and Facebook!

    Good luck everyone!

  4. I would like to win as I have been off work with three young children and need a bit of special treatment! Back to work next week and could do with a nice new refresh and these all look great! ;o) Also Following @KateNJoe

  5. I’d love to win because I’ve been begging my husband for some perfume for months (I ran out just after Christmas). We try to schedule in date nights, even if it’s just to go for a walk but it’d be nice to have some products to help me make an extra effort!

  6. Hi, love your blog and what a lovely give-away! I would love to win this as I am going on a “first-date” with my boyfriend of 5 years next weekend. This may sound strange, but he has been seriously ill with a spinal infection and been in and out of hospital and unable to walk for the past 6 months. However, he is now on the mend and next week we are going for a dinner date, our first in so long I can’t remember!! The thing that I am most looking forward to is hand holding and walking our dinner off along Brighton beach afterwards. Just the thought of a dinner date is a prize in itself, but the treats would be lovely too.
    Sorry for the essay, thanks for reading!! Sherrie x x x

  7. I’m going th soppy route: I am a new mum and havent been on a date with hard working Husband in a while and need some pick me up make up 😉 The parking Westfield Stratford City has been closed since mid-June and it’s a pain in the backside to take the tube with a pushchair. That’s why I should win ;-P

  8. So many reasons:
    1. These are my favourite colours! As a blonde, blue-eyed Slav, I like wearing pink lipstick and petal pink blush (loved that earlier post with your pink make up!). I also like emphasising my eyes, which I consider my best asset, so use lots of mascara, and it is often from Benefit. Oh, and Daisy is also one of my Top 5 Favourite Scents:-)
    2. My husband and I are going for a weekend away in September – for the first time since our son was born… 7 years ago. We have not been able to spend any time away as a couple, as our son has autism, and we don’t have any family living nearby. So it will be very special and hopefully as romantic as our early dates.
    3. More prosaically, I am trying to squirrel some money away for Christmas and this prize would certainly help, as I would not be tempted to splash out on new make up and perfume.
    I follow you on Twitter and FB, and also follow Jazzed on Twitter (@StilettoLady).
    Thank you for a fab give-away!

  9. Ooo such a good beauty selection!! As a single lady in the city I’m thinking these treats might help draw in someone lovely. There’s some tough competition in London!

    I’ve just realised I follow A Girl A Style on pretty much all social media! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Bloglovin & Pinterest! Will check out Jazzed in a mo.

  10. What a lovely post. We try to have regular date nights but sometimes we struggle with fitting them in around work and other commitments. Last week was our third anniversary since we went on our first date, so we made time to go out for a special meal. Unfortunately (mid meal!) the boyfriend was struck with food poisoning and we had to make a hasty exit before he started throwing up. We haven’t yet had a chance to go out again make up for it so I’m feeling a bit deflated. My date night tips are wear a bit of lace, wear your hair a bit bardot-esque, plenty of black Benefit mascara and don’t eat the trout!

    I already follow you on Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin’, Pinterest and Instagram. Please keep inspiring me with your pretty posts. x

  11. Hello!

    I never enter competitions, but I recently came across your blog looking at The Frugality (another LOVE) and became so obsessed that I once spent an entire (rainy) Saturday reading all of your blog posts! I now follow you on Twitter and Bloglovin’ so it’s safe to say I’m a reader for life!

    Anyway, I sit here on the eve of my first wedding anniversary and felt compelled to write as I was just thinking about what ‘look’ I should go for tomorrow evening when we go out to celebrate on our very special date!

    Thank you for the inspiration, I shall hopefully be glowing tomorrow evening.

    Yours faithfully,
    Mrs B x

  12. I absolutely love your little idea of date night it’s absolutely lovely, one i wish I could have. however my boy has hade to movemto Norway with his work until March. I would absolutely love to be looking my best for him when I arrive in Oslo On October 12th! he absolutely loves Marc Jacobs Daisy- but I’m always wanting Diptyque or Jo Malone fragrances!!! But now he’s away I kinda think I should’ve made more of an effort!! abscence makes the heart grow fonder and makes you realise it’s the little things that make all the difference to ones relationship.
    j x
    Ps. I absolutely love your blog and your Instagrams makes me smile! Keep up the fabulously delightful work B. You are an inspiration of a working girl blogging fabulously!! X

    • Thank you so much! My boyfriend and I were actually in a long-distance relationship for 2.5 years (he lived in Tokyo to do his Masters while I was in Australia), so I know how tough it can be. But you’re also absolutely right that it can make the heart grow fonder; we made sure we spoke often, sent each other care packages and visited whenever we’re can, and now our relationship is rock-solid from having been through that experience. Good luck with yours!

      B xx

  13. Love this post, and I can confirm your tips are useful not only for actual dates, but for “lunch things” as well (ah, men!).. 😉
    However, all these fantastic products do help, but the winning accessory will always be a genuine, contagious smile. Don’t be afraid to use that and there will certainly be some lipstick (or lip stain!) smudging at the end of the night! 😉


  14. Feeling so inspired by this post! My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 4 years, and sometimes it feels like things are starting to get a little boring. We love each other more than ever, but we are so comfortable together. That’s obviously a good thing, but it also means that we don’t spend as much time on our appearance as we used to. I would love to win this, because I think it would make me want to get dressed up and pretty for dates with my man, rather than wanting to just throw on something comfortable and sit around at home.

  15. After a period of unemployment, a car that was written off after a year, no chance of a holiday or any new clothes or treats this would be a dream . However saying that it is during the difficult times the strength of love shines through – a date night treat would be lovely though. Thanks for writing a lovely blog btw.

  16. I think you should do a follow up post on the perfect date night outfit! If only I lived in the UK and could enter the competition. Sigh. All such gorgeous products though – great for natural looking beauty (with the boys always love).

  17. I would love to win because the colours are perfect for my skin tone and I wore daisy perfume on my first date and has been working for me ever since as he is now my boyfriend of 3 years. Absolutely love this give-away and your blog,

    Lacey xoxo

  18. I love these picks! I would like to win because it would be the perfect make-up to celebrate the 3 year anniversary with my boyfriend that’s coming up! 🙂
    Most of the links I was already following (hello fellow instagram, twitter and pinterest addicts!), now I follow them all!

  19. This is a wonderful giveaway and blog entry.
    I guess I would quite like to win because I’m hoping to bust out of my role of third wheel that I found myself in for most of my first year at Uni; and these things & tips sound like they would be super helpful. I’ve also been stealing my Mum’s Daisy perfume whenever I’ve been home, so having my own would be a great improvement!
    I follow you on Twitter and Instagram 🙂
    Thanks again for this entry, I’ll definitely be bookmarking it!

  20. Hello there,

    This is my first ever comment on your blog, despite it being one of the very first things i read on my journey into work!
    I love your posts and this is my favourite entry yet and what a fantastic giveaway!
    I would love to win because i’m a big make-up junkie and love nothing more than getting pretty-fied for a date night with my husband.
    I’m 4 months pregnant at the moment so i’ve pledged to not buy anything for myself and concentrate on saving for the baby so this would be like Christmas coming early for me! Also, with the morning sickness starting to take its toll i could use all the make up help i can get!
    I use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest so will be following you on all of them this afternoon.
    Fingers crossed!xx

  21. Oh and my tip is, if nothing else, make sure you have your eyebrows threaded and tinted. It makes such a difference to your face and allows you to go almost make-up free without looking washed out xo

  22. Love this idea. All nice and girly and understated, just like I love it: I completely agree that for dates it’s best to go with just enhancing your looks, no full on make up. Just your natural loveliness times 2! :-))))

  23. I would love to win because having started seeing the most wonderful man a few weeks ago I’ve now moved across the country to take up a new job! Would love to look like my most alluring (yet non-try-hard…) self on the treasured occasions that we get to spend weekends together. (Skype does a girl no favours!)

    And the gloriously girly (yet understated) hues of pink and peach will ensure that I always look pulled-together and professional at the new office too!

  24. Recently my hubby and I felt like things were drifting apart. New jobs, new house and other stresses meant we werent making time for eachother. In our mid twenties, we didn’t want to let it get worse as we loved eachother so much so In April this year we started having date nights 1 or 2 a month. A nice meal out and the cinema, a walk around the local park with the dog and a picnic in the car (rain!) afterwards, renting a movie with a takeaway and shutting off the phones/laptops. Since then we have NEVER been closer. Best thing we ever did. I LOVE date nights.

    I have followed BOTH on Facebook (Sandy Ferguson) and twitter (@sandysferguson)

  25. I would like to win as I’m recently single and need as much make-up as possible to meet new men! And smelling nice won’t hurt either :o)

    I have followed on Twitter and Facebook….

  26. Recently my husband (of 4 years) and I have notice that we are falling into a routine and we decide we want to try different things more often!!! Im so excited to start those date nights with him!!! I will follow your beauty advice!

  27. Pampering like this is so much fun! As a newly single girl who just got out of a nine-year relationship with someone who hardly ever looked at me, I’m working to look at _myself_ in a whole new way (and if a few other people notice when I walk into a room, all the better!)

  28. I love that you and your boyfriend still have date nights! What a great way to keep the passion alive! My husband and I have been together for almost four years and we hardly ever have date nights! I guess I know what i will be putting on our calendar from now on! Great post! If you get a sec, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my latest posts!

  29. Great items!!
    I agree with everything you’ve mentioned and especially the eyes…heavy makeup on the eyes is sexy but not for everyday.
    I prefer a beautiful bright eye with to die for lashes and liner 😉
    As for the prize, I would love, love, love to win…and isn’t that reason enough 😉

  30. Loved this post! I think everything you have written is true you need to get dressed up and put on your make up and have fun with your partner, it’s about helping the relationship grow :). I love using MAC products they always seem to look flawless.
    Love your work will definitely be returning!

  31. What a lovely post and a wonderful prize!

    As a long-time lover of your blog I already follow you on Bloglovin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and like you on Facebook. I don’t think my man would be impressed if I like a dating site so I’ve not done that! 😉

    As for why I’d love to win; I’ll be 27 on 7th Sept and while your closing date falls just after that I’m not having my birthday party until 21st Sept – I’d love to have some shiny new beauty products to play with for my special night!

    Have a lovely week and thanks for your comment on my blog the other day, it means a lot coming from you! x

  32. Forgot to say in my post above that I have followed you for ages on Twitter and Bloglovin and Instagram, I have now followed Jazzed as well..thank you for the lovely posts…and also for the 5 things to try at the weekend over on Glitter Guide! x x

  33. What a wonderful giveaway!
    The Boy and I try and have date night once every two weeks and I always make an effort to dress up and look extra nice. Sometimes instead of going out, I’ll cook a nice meal for him and have wine or cocktails at home.
    I agree with you that boys don’t like heavy eye make up or strong lips, I always go for a rosy, glowy look.
    Thank you for yet another lovely post!

  34. aww i love that whole weekly date night idea, i need to try it! thanks for your tips, i think that make-up would look really natural and sweet, perfect for a date!

  35. What a beautiful giveaway. Date nights are fantastic, but few and far between for me these days. Having some lovely products to use would help conjure up the memories of getting ready to meet the boyfriend (now husband) – and getting ready in itself was almost as exciting as the date!

  36. Hey there,
    I’ve recently just got into contact with a guy i have known for the past 8 years. Although i am still young, from the moment i met rory, i knew that i wouldn’t be the same afterwards – sounds a little cliche – but the way he made me feel, towards everything and everyone, he taught me how i could become the person i wanted to be and showed me how the world is my oyster. I never had any self confidence in my self or any of my art work (which is a major key for me) but he taught me how i to believe in myself. Anyway as time went on, our lives grew slowly apart until he ended up going to university and me to study fashion styling and media makeup, our lives took new turns and we took new relationships. But for me nothing ever changed, there was never that little thing ( i still can’t put my finger on what it is) in any of the guys i dated, that rory indefinitely had. We’re together now and I’ve never been more happy or confident in my life, but each and every date we go on feels like the first. So thats why i would love to win the prize.

    Sorry it was a bit rambelly, but i absolutely LOVE your blog and read it most days!

    Love Pea

  37. These are lovely tips! Like you, although my boyfriend and I have been together for over four years we still like to go for dates together, we dress nicely, pick somewhere we love to eat and spend the evening together – I love doing it, it makes things seem more special 🙂

    I would love to win because Daisy is one of my (and my boyfriend’s) absolutely favourite scents, it’s so perfect to wear when I’m with him! Plus I have always the Benefit Moon Beam highlighter and the Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfecter but can’t afford to splash out much at the moment. It would be a real treat!

    I follow you on Twitter and Instagram 🙂

  38. Posts like this one are exactly why I love your blog so dearly. Life’s about having fun and making those you love feel special (and a little Marc Jacobs always helps!). I’d love to win these beautiful pieces because the post has inspired me to commit to a date night at least once a week, I’d love to make that extra effort for my boyfriend, to say thank you for being my rock, and to remind him how much I love him. I follow agirlastyle on twitter and on instragram, your posts remind me what life’s all about and what a wonderful place the world can be x

  39. I am so looking forward to being able to get out and enjoy some romatic dates with my hubbie of 4 years. I have not been very well since we married, and was finally diagnosed with an immunological disorder last year. I do feel guilty sometimes as my poor hubby has been so kind and supportive, but I am conscious that we have not been able do all of the things we used to for quite a while. The recurrent infections and fatigue have had as much of an impact on him as on me. I have now started a course of IV immunoglobulin treatment at hospital, and I am beginning to feel more like myself and my energy levels have increased. Although I will have to have the treatment forever (and ever!) now, it is worth it if I can get back to being me! I am a great believer that spending a little time on yourself is a fantastic confidence booster – and it could do with a boost at the moment. I have been able to lose a little weight since starting my treatment, and I feel a bit happier in myself. Now that my health is improving, we are also hoping to start a family soon – so any help in the romance department will be most welcome. I already follow you on Twitter, Pinterest and Bloglovin’ (I am a fan!), and I follow Jazzed_Kate on Twitter now too. I would be so delighted to win this prize – these are all my favourite products and it has inspired me to enter a competition for the first time ever….Thanks x

  40. I have just moved to the UK from India, having sustained a long distance relationship for 3 years! (Don’t ask how) It’d be great to have some things to brighten and lighten up the romance. I have also just got into makeup and would love to have a starter kit which has been expertly picked. 🙂 Everything in the kit sounds fantastic and I would love to try it all out first-hand!

    Have liked the blog and JazzedUK everywhere! 😀

  41. As a fellow civil servant I know how important it is to turn off on a Friday night and forget about the stressful week behind us ( and the one ahead!) and be thankful for the good things in life…. awesome boyfriends, fresh flowers, bright red lips and cocktails under the stars ( I am wishing it is Friday night all over again and not a Sunday!)

  42. I would love to win because Daisy is my all-time favourite perfume and I love Benefit make-up products. I have not been able to buy anything like this for a while as I recently became a student again at the age of 44, training to be a Social Worker and money is in short supply (though I keep reminding myself every day that it will be worth it!). I also like the idea mentioned previously of a date night with my hubby, I have never thought of that, so thanks for the idea!

  43. I want to win because I never get the chance to spend much money on myself and for once it would be nice to pamper myself.. A girl can dream =)

  44. A girl should always wear a bit of makeup! This will make her feel confident, however beauty comes from within!! Confidence in a woman is her sexiest quality and it makes her shine and stand out. The reason i deserve to win this is i used to lack in confidence, pile on the make up. Now, i wear little and find that inner beauty and confidence is alot more sexy in a woman. Also intelligence men find very important which is a good quality too have. Now instead of focusing on how i look i focus on my career and where i will be in the next 10 years.

  45. I would love to win because 1)I absolutely love all the items in the mix.2)I am in need for a bit of pampering
    Its very essential to wear something glamourous,yet sexy and very important not to break out a new pair of shoes on a date night.
    Following you and JazzedUK via all mediums

  46. What a fab selection of prizes! I’d love to win as I desperately need some help as I’m back on the job market now My son is starting school and want to look like a well put together, groomed women rather then a harrassed mother!
    PS: Liked/followed all as @curly curl on Facebook and @Nipperthedog on Twitter. x

  47. I’d love to win this! It’s about time I gave my make-up a serious over-haul and decide what suits me once and for all …

  48. This prize contains some of my favourite products and also products I’ve love to try such as the Benefit Moonbeam and Essie nail varnish! My top beauty tip is to smear some Vaseline onto your eyebrows before plucking so you can define a good shape and prevent over-plucking! xx

  49. Daisy is my all right favourite perfume so that would be my pick.
    I would love to win all this as I have lost a lot of weight this year and my confidence is at an all time high – this would really top it off. New figure and new beauty products xx

  50. wow! fab prize, I don’t have any beauty tips I am afraid, but I would love to win this for my Wife, that would deffo earn me some brownie points!

    following on facebook – same name

    Twitter @freyerj

  51. This is a winning kit – the combination of quality products is truly amazing, I’d love to own every one of them! Thank you 🙂

    P.S. Date night tip – Be yourself, in any sense!

  52. I very stupidly trusted my children with my make-up a couple of weeks ago and as a consequence all i have left is one slightly mushy lipstick. This would be from the sublime to the ridiculous however as a hard working mum, student and volounteer I think I deserve a bit of a treat.

  53. This is a fabulous prize! I try to have a regular date night with my husband. It is great to get dressed up and spend quality time together, just like when we first met. I have followed you and Jazzed on twitter too (@caasir500).

  54. Great post and fantastic giveaway, followed on Facebook and Twitter. I would love to revamp my make up as I am starting a new job.

  55. Date night
    1. Get hubby to leave work
    2. Get babysitter
    3. Get the heels on
    4. Just need the fab make up and perfume
    We all deserve it!!!!

  56. Me and my husband of three years are saving up for a new boiler (boring) so we do date night on the cheap by going out on Orange Wednesdays – BOGOF Pizza Express followed by BOGOF cinema. I’d love to win this prize because I’m not allowed to buy any luxuries for myself until the boiler is paid for.

  57. I would love to win because I have managed off the same makeup for soooo long!
    Followed on both FB’s and twitters as @lovell020606

  58. I’d like to win because shamefully I’ve never been on a date and winning a competition would cheer me up. And I could use the make up to cover up my embarrassment and nervousness when I finally do go on my first date. 😀

    Liked and following both on Facebook and Twitter. 🙂

  59. It’s my first year wedding anniversary beginning of October so would love to win as planning to go away for a special night together. Unfortunately regular date nights as such don’t really happen as my husband works long hours and like a lot of couples we have a young child and paying the mortgage, bills and food and clothing for the little one takes priority these days. I know from the comments above all the entrants including myself would appreciate the prize it’s definately going to go to a good home whoever wins.
    Following on twitter

  60. Lovely products 🙂 i need some new stuff! I say always wear bright lipstick for a date night, they wont forget you and will want to kiss your vibrant lips 😀 Mwah!

  61. What a fab competition, love your blog. My tip is to try and do something nice for your other half every day, it could just be something little like a cup of tea in bed or a text saying I love you, or flowers, a date night etc. Also (it is a cliche but true) never go to bed on an argument.
    I’d love to win this prize – I have 2 sons under 2 years old and my make up bag only contains concealer to hide my tired eyes nowadays 🙂

  62. I’d love to win, i’m desperate to try out the BB Creams I keep hearing so much about! My dating tip is an obvious but true one – be yourself and the other is to give people a chance, you never know what a person is really like at first look!

  63. I’d love to win as being a student midwife and a mum to 3, cosmetics are way bottom of my list of things to be able to afford. Our date nights now consist of sitting in the lounge, me studying and my husband watching a film!! Not very romantic but once I’ve qualified we’ll make up the time missed.

    I now follow both on twitter and likes on facebook!

  64. I would love to win this as my make- up has seen better days
    So winning this Fab Prize would make my day! My best beauty tip is to drink at least 1.5 Litres of water a day for radiant skin…..

  65. I’d love to win – it’s tough being an identical twin when your sister looks so much better than you! Her kids are older than mine so she gets time to shop and pamper herself – winning this would give me a little boost :~)

  66. We still try and organise date nights, usually once a month, but they have slipped slightly. We try to do a themed event and fit the food round that, ie Moroccan or Italian or Chinese, it’s great fun and keeps the love alive.

  67. i would love to win this great prize as it is my little sisters 18th birthday next month and i cannot afford to buy her anything decent ,i know she uses these products (as i have borrowed them ..occasionally lol) ,she is also studying hair and beauty at college so she could use these products on her clients ,lucy xx

  68. I want to win because I am in love with the prize. I love pink and I love MAC and benefit make up. They would get lots of use and make me very happy!

  69. I would love to win this beautiful prize as after having my second baba I have no money to buy make up to make myslef look glamourous for my husband so this would be amazing. We are going to start to having a date night once I get back to work so we have money to spend so this would be perfect for then ….. and the purfume would just finish the look/

  70. Its a lovely idea date night but with so many after school activities to accomodate me and my hubby are like ships passing .Maybe if I Looked a bit glam and smelt gorgeous he might do a U Turn and we could bunk off for a bit of adult time.

  71. Would love to win this!
    Our son was born on our wedding anniversary so we always spend the day celebrating his special day instead…….
    But now he’s going to high school & is suddenly ‘grown up’ , we may be in with a chance of a romantic dinner 🙂

  72. I would love to win this, mainly because I can’t really afford make up and I went to put on my mascara yesterday and it was all dry and clumpy :-(. It’s hard to keep feeling pretty when you are a mum on a budget.
    Following all on Twitter and liked on Facebook

  73. Finally I’ve got some time for myself and my OH,. Our twin girls are now sleeping through the night and colic is a thing of the past so we can feel OK about leaving them with someone else. I need some serious pampering and adult time with my OH!!

  74. My date tip is: don’t try a new hair do/make up look/outfit on a first date – stick to trusted favourites to ensure you feel confident and comfortable!

    I’ve liked and followed Jazzed on Facebook and Twitter.
    I’ve liked and followed agirlastyle on Facebook and Twitter too!


  75. Would love to win this, getting married after 13 delicious years of dating and I think this fab prize would really make our Wedding Date special x

  76. Hi, Ive entered this competition for my pregnant girlfriend she is due at the end of october and I thought that If i won this would be a wonderful thing to give to her as a gift. Its our first Child together we are calling him Harvey-lee, and we are very excited! I don’t really know much about make up :/ however I have heard her mention a few of the things up for grabs, Im a man who listens :p For the extra brownie points I liked all I could on facebook that you mentioned and I will be sure to mention this website to my girlfriend. Nice site style by the way, g’day mate! Steve x

  77. I would love to win for my teenage daughter who loves beauty things and this would cheer her up and I would be “the best mum ever”

  78. My comment will not tug at your heart strings I have my date, just need the beauty to go with it or at least the kit to make me into one!

  79. I would love to win as Im trying to save money so have not treated myself to new make up for a while, so winning some would be great! Have followed both twitters @Lotsa_Smiles

  80. Hi! My beauty tip and date tip are both the same – SMILE! It makes you look pretty and takes you through all those good and bad dates!! I’d like to win as I’ve been single for a while and have just recently started dating again after a long term illness so it would be great to have some new make up and beauty products to wear! p.s followed you on FB xx

  81. I really want to win because Daisy by Marc Jacobs is my favorite perfume, Bad Gal Lash mascara is my favorite mascara, and the blusher is in my favorite shade. So it’s just calling out to me lol.

    In terms of date tips, just don’t talk too much about yourself, strike a balance between you and the other person.

  82. I would love to win this prize, as I never really have any spare money to splash out on expensive makeup, and I’ve been full of the cold for the last few weeks and very run down, so could def do with the make up to give me a bit of a glow!
    I have followed you on facebook, twitter and pinterest ( i love pinterest!) and Jazzed on Facebook :o)

  83. I have to admit I have a little confession,
    Benefit makeup is my secret obsession.
    So I have written a poem to show my love,
    And i’m praying for a little help from above.
    When i’m going out on a fabulous date,
    Moon Beam is the complexion enhancer I rate.
    It gives me a glow that you cannot beat,
    A warm shimmer that makes me look good enough to eat.
    For that sexy sultry long lash look,
    Bad Gal mascara is in my little black book.
    Mac blush in that pretty petal pink,
    Gives that just kissed look, don’t you just think?
    Essie pastel pink polish will make my nails look sweet,
    On that first date, or the 100th meet.
    To top it all off and to smell just divine,
    Marc Jacobs Daisy will make him mine.
    Clarins Lip perfector makes super kissable lips,
    And this is the last of my beauty tips.
    So is you want it to go well on that first or hundredth date,
    Make an effort to look good, smell nice, flirt and it will be great!


  84. What a fantastic prize, I could really do with this as just become a beauty therapist and need to be looking good so this would be perfect making sure I always look good.

  85. Wow, what a lovely giveaway! I would love to win. I have been with my partner now for 10 years!!!!! We celebrated our 10 year anniversary last month with a day out at the zoo (we are both big kids really and I’m animal mad!) followed with a romantic meal in the evening, in a nice little pizzeria. We don’t manage a weekly date night anymore but after reading this, it has inspired me to try to make more of an effort to go out for regular dates with my partner. I do love to get dressed up but don’t always get the chance to lately. So this would be the perfect excuse! I’d love to win this to help me on my way!

  86. liked on fb and twittered @mummycat111 for both/all
    I would like to my dried out skin would look youthful again which would make me feel more confident. My beauty tips is to use a smidgen of vaseline on eyelashes at bedtime as this promotes growth and keeps them from just drying out and falling out.

  87. Underpaid overstressed NHS nurse would love to win this luxurious beauty kit so I would make myself beautiful again and make patients days much better

  88. I would love to win this amazing collection of fab products.
    Followed both on twitter, liked both on Facebook and followed on pinterest. All as user kerryjones299 x

  89. Love Daisy perfume – one of my absolute favourites!! I don’t think I have any tips that you don’t already know but I love love love my Hollywood fake lashes for some instant glam on a night out – even better when coated with some Bad Gal Lash ♥♥

    Following on fb & twitter @Top_cat81

  90. My husband and I book a hotel once a month; as we have young children and nobody to have them over night, we book the hotel, I go to the hotel late afternoon after arranging care for the children and have a bath and pamper to get ready, my husband comes to the hotel straight from work and has a shower whilst we share a drink. We then go out for the evening, enjoy a meal and then come back to the hotel for about 10 ish. We then go to bed for a while and one of us (we take it in turns) gets up and goes home to the children, whilst the other gets to enjoy a night of undisturbed sleep and a lie-in before returning home to normality. It works for us and keeps the spark alive!!!

  91. I would love to win, so I can make more of myself. I recently moved and that combined with my illness I haven’t had the confidence to make the most of myself and would love to with this lot!

  92. I would love to win as I love Daisy perfume – it is my favourite fragrance. My beauty tip is to get lots of sleep, drink lots of water and always always remember to smile 🙂

  93. I love these products, I’ve been wearing Benefit ‘High Beam’ and ‘Moon Beam’ for a good many years now. The other products I would love to try. I would love to win as I am going away for a weekend with my other half soon, and I would love to look vibrant and glowing. Unfortunately my make-up bag is a bit shabby and neglected. Winning this would enable me to go on our date weekend feeling confident, and knowing I look good.

  94. i would love to win as i am about to start a new job and would like to experiment with a new look to take me into the next chapter of my life! i’m in a rut! i have: liked on fb, followed on twitter, followed on pinterest.

  95. I would love to win as I am once again single after nearly 5 years and so it is time to make changes, and the make up would be a first step. It would definitely encourage me to make an effort to get out on some date nights. I love MAC products, but don’t own one of their blushers, and the nail varnish looks amazing:)
    I follow Jazzed on twitter (as @claire_trevor) and fb.
    I follow you on twitter, fb, pinterest and bloglovin

  96. At the start of the year i found myself newly single since then i have been working on making my self the best i can be so when the RIGHT man comes along he gets the best of me 🙂

    Would love to try the pastel pink polish , I always used to wear dark colours but im trying to go lighter and i think they suit me much better 🙂

  97. Would love to win, my partner and I only manage to get a couple of date nights a year, because of my youngest child. This would be a fabulous treat.

    Following Jazzed on Facebook & Twitter @becky0020
    Following A Girl, A Style, on Facebook, Twitter & Bloglovin

  98. I’d love to win this for my girlfriend – she always surprises me with different looks from smoky eyes to Hollywood glam. I am following on Facebook and Twitter.

  99. I love date night and I love taking the time to experiment with my make up

    I follow you on Facebook, Twitter and and following Jazzed on Facebook and Twitter,

  100. I would love to win because me and hubby have started having afternoon coffee dates and going to the cinema again. It would be lovely to spruce myself up for him.

  101. I would love to win because I am totally stuck in a rut. I’m going away next month with my boyfriend and I’d love these gorgeous, girly items to take away and make me feel fresh faced again. Benefit high and moon beam are total hero products and have so many uses. Try mixing some with moisturiser to give your face/body a lovely glow. Rub some in down the fronts of your legs and collar bone to make you look nice and lean and slim. I follow on facebook and twitter.

  102. I’d love to win this. I’ve been single for a while now and I think it is about time I made myself look pretty and had a night on the town – you never know the combination of all of these lovely products might just help me find the love of my life 😉

  103. I would love to win as I have just got my son back to school after the 6 weeks holiday, and a week later I have got my husband off work (due to an operation), so I just need a little something to keep me going and looking beautiful.
    Shall like on fb, and follow on twitter etc xx

  104. I’d love to win as Daisy is my all time fave perfume and i’m nearly out! Me and the hubby have a date night at least once a month, it helps to keep the romance alive! I think it is so important to make time for each other, especially in this mad busy world! I follow on facebook and twitter. @Debra_doll x

  105. I’m a single girl so I would love to win these gorgeous bits and pieces to give me a little confidence boost when I’m out and about, although i know I would love using them just as much for myself when I’m spending an evening in! Confidence is the key to feeling flirty, I think, but how to get it is a blend of a lot of different things: good friends, great family, little achievements, along with using gorgeous pieces like these so you know you look your best!

    I am following you on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
    I am following Jazzed UK on Facebook and Twitter too xxx

  106. I would love to win this as all my money goes on my beautiful children and my make up is all nearly a decade old 😮 It would be so lovely to have some new products!! I would so love to have a date night with my husband- it is our anniversary later this month!

  107. My 8 month old is currently teething, i am so sleep deprived its quite silly! i would love some new gear to give the illusion of been awake and alert even when i feel like rubbish.
    Folling jazzed on facebook and twitter and following a girl, a style on facebook, twitter and pinterest

  108. i would love to win as since haveing my little boy i have been unable to pamper myself, and winning this, but not only make me feel good and look good, but i would be having a great girlie night out which is much needed xx

    i also follow on facebook x

  109. I would love to win! Being a mum of 5 takes its toll and i need all the help i can get! The new school season has just started and all the new yummy mummies are starting to appear – please help this bedraggled slummy mummy keep up!!

    Date night? Whats one of those?! Perhaps with new make up it might inspire hubby to take me out a little more – worth a try! lol

  110. let me first start with what girl wouldnt want to win such a fantastic range of products . i have never been lucky enough to have tried the daisy perfume as of yet but am well aware that’s its a keen best seller and ive had my eye on it for ages. the design of the bottle speaks for its self its so feminine and girly i love it reminds me of the care free days making daisy chains in the fields.. the bad girl lash wow a great way to make sure you can do the perfect wink while on any date 😉 i love the pops of colour you have added to the collection so fllity and glam. my dating tip if any would be less is more most males i have known weather this be my dad or my boyfriend have always said no to the fake over load. and with the right products im pretty sure most people can get the right look would be a real dream to win xx following jazzed on facebook and twitter xx

  111. I would be happy as a DAISY to win! I’d certainly feel e BENEFIT of the lovely products and would BLUSH with happiness and BEAM from ear to ear in an INSTANT! 😉

    I’ve followed and liked Jazzed and followed and liked agirlastyle! Also following on pinterest!

    Thank you!!


  112. I’d love to win because I haven’t seen my boyfriend in over 2 months, and would love to look and smell my best when we finally reunite on the 21st September! I don’t want him changing his mind and thinking I don’t make an effort! <3
    email is diamond_day (at)

    Im following you on FB – Becky Powley
    Following Jazzed on FB

    Following you on Twitter – @beepowley
    Following Jazzed on twitter

    Following on interest –
    Following on bloglovin 🙂
    Following on instagram – beepowley

  113. I have done the following:
    1. liked Jazzed UK on FB
    2. Followed @Jazzed_UK on twitter (@angiehoggett)
    3. liked A Girl, A Style on FB
    4. followed @AGirlAStyle on twitter (@angiehoggett)
    5. Following A Girl, A Style on Pinterest (Angie Hoggett)

  114. I am in the final year of my university studies and I’m stuck in the lab ALL the time, my daily clothes consist of a hoody and jeans 🙁 and haven’t had any glamour in absolutely ages! I think right now the most excitement I get is my coffee break in the afternoons where I get to escape for a while. This gift would give the perfect excuse for some pampering 🙂 please help! And as I love you a lot already, I follow you on twitter/facebook

  115. For me, the key to date night is dolling yourself up in secret (with wonderful music playing in the back ground) to be the loveliest version of yourself. When it comes to conversation, talk of bills and chores is strictly forbidden! Speak of passions, and hobbies and remember why you fell for each other in the first place.

    Charlote, an avid follower x

  116. Don’t have much time or money usually to go shopping for make up. This stuff is so lovely and much better quality to the one’s I usually use. Would love to be able to wear some high quality make up especially the BB Cream

  117. I would love to win this as I have a beautiful 14 year old daughter who has systematically worked her way though all my cosmetics and perfume and today I smelt the last of my best perfume on her as she wafted past me , beautifully floating her way to school… this would be hidden and mine all mine mwah ha ha ha ……….Which I will use secretly each morning as I get ready to start my second year in Uni…..have to at least try and keep up with the youngsters
    I followed all on fb, twitter and pin interest

  118. Hi, I love your blog, this is an amazing giveaway. I would love to win as I love Benefit cosmetics, that Mascara is my all time fave and I have ran out! Money is very tight at the moment and I rarely get to treat myself to the luxuries that I am accustomed too. I have liked you on Facebook! xxxx

  119. What a well edited group of products. I’ve been eager to add a new scent to my repertoire and love experimenting with new products, especially on date night.


  120. I’d like to win because buying beauty essentials always falls behind on my list of priorities, I’m far too much of a shoe lady to think twice! And with the collection of beauty products here, my woe-is-me collection would get the spruce up it really deserved!

  121. Hey lovely! I am already following you on bloglovin, twitter, pinterest and facebook (through my own page). I don’t have instagram so… can’t do it. i don’t usually follow people on everything but your buttons are so cute 🙂

    Why I want it? First of all Daisy smells amaaaazing (and mine is empty) then I love essie and benefit and everything. I really can’t afford it all though (I’m just 18 and still in school). …. And I just met someone really, really cute… 😉

    LOL (=Lot’s of love)

  122. This giveaway looks amazing as I’ve been wanting to try Daisy for so long and my Bad Gal has just run out!

    I follow your blog and Twitter feed (as ohpitseleh).

    I remember reading on your Twitter a while ago that you and your boyfriend always set aside Friday nights to spend going out somewhere together which influenced me and my partner to adopt the idea since moving into our own flat. It is such a lovely idea and I must thank you for it!

    Kate x

  123. What a well edited compilation of products. I’ve been eager to add a new scent to my repertoire. Scent, in my mind, always sets the tone for an evening out. And date night is the perfect time to experiment with new makeup to create a unique look for a special evening out.

  124. After three dates in a month (one disastrous, two lovely,) I’d love to win these products for a hopeful date number three with the nice one! I’m a huge Essie, Benefit, and Marc Jacobs fan already, and the Estee Lauder BB looks amazing. I’m normally a greige kind of girl, so I’d be excited to try the pink polish, blush, and gloss.

    Already following on Instagram (love that you make Cambridge fashionable,) and now on Twitter and Tumblr too.

    Claire xx

  125. Hey Lady!
    I just moved to the UK (Bristol) to attend the university for my postgraduate and don’t know many people, so I’d like to start meeting and dating 😉

    All of these products look fabulous and would really allow me to doll up when I meet the perfect Brit!

    I have done the following entries:
    Followed A Girl, A Style on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.
    Signed up for Bloglovin.
    Followed Jazzed UK on Facebook and Twitter.

    For easy math, I have done 7 things 🙂

    I hope I win so I can look fabulous for that first date!


  126. Definatley due for some new makeup and a few dates planned. BB cream is very good. I cant live without my blusher or mascara. I love that colour nail varnish. The mascara looks very good to. Daisy by Marc Jacobs is so nicely scented. My friend wears this wonder if its how she got her man;)

  127. I want to win because…well…who wouldn’t! I have my own date night with my boyfriend of three years every Thursday and I would love to wear this to one of them. We love our date nights.
    I follow you on instagram and facebook.
    Thanks for the great giveaway 🙂

  128. Such a great collection of goodies and I never tried any of them which is the number one reason I’d love to win! I’m also single but I still loved getting dressed up just for me, a girl doesn’t need a guy as an excuse to feel good 😉

    I also follow you on twitter, Facebook, pintrest, Instagram and Blog lovin!



  129. I neeeeeed to win as I am in dire need of a new makeup regime!!! Im so busy I have given up on trying to look fresh faced and bushy tailed, so these products would certainly go a long way to making my mirror my friend again!!!! I have followed on Facebook and Im already loving the tips and ideas :))

  130. Id LOVE to win this, Ive been run down with a cold lately and have been working 10 hour shifts, rushed off my feet 🙁 Could really do with a pick-me-up 🙂

  131. Such a lovely selection and I could really do with something to perk up my lily white face after the dreadful summer we have had.

  132. I’de like to win because I’m a shopaholic so I spend a lot of money buying things I don’t really need, so it would be good to get some thing for free… and I like getting gifts.
    I follow you on twitter. I don’t have any beauty tips as I just got into make up 2 years ago (I’m 25!!! I know it’s sad I missed out on all this for quite some time..)

  133. I would love to win as I met a lovely guy online absolutely ages ago and we are finally going to meet next month (its taken me forever to pluck up the courage!) and these might help me to look a little bit amazing!! x

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