Leopard Print and High Heels at The Bookshop

Here in England, the weather has been positively balmy considering we’re in the depths of winter. Although a snowstorm is forecast for tomorrow (I have my fingers crossed for a snow day!), it’s been so mild I could just about get away without tights (a winter miracle in this country) for those days when I’m cycling around town.

Although my default mode come winter is to hibernate indoors as luxuriously as I can, I do occasionally peel myself away for various dates with friends, walks or trips to the cosiest cafes and bookshops I can find. This little gem called The Haunted Bookshop (it is really this tiny) is one of my favourite Cambridge spots and is just made for wintery afternoons spend rummaging through dusty shelves for a vintage literary treasure.

Of course, it is entirely unnecessary to dress up for lazy weekend pursuits, but in my book that’s what makes it even more special. I always get a slightly smug satisfaction out of shopping for groceries, doing my laundry, having weekend brunch (or other such ordinary activities) in lipstick and high heels and jewels when everyone else is in their casual weekend uniform (not that there is anything wrong with that!).

And if you ask me, trips to tiny booshops should always me made in 60s-style dresses and leopard print heels.

Wearing: Vivetta dress (from Audrey Grace Boutique), Lulu Guinness book clutch, Kurt Geiger leopard ponyskin heels (from last season, but similar style here), Michael Kors watch, Jersey Pearl bracelet, Topshop leopard print coat (not seen, but similar style here). 

Do you like to dress up for your favourite lazy weekend activities?

Love, Miss B xx

Thank you Sarah for helping with these photos!

21 thoughts on “Leopard Print and High Heels at The Bookshop

  1. It’s no where near no tights weather in Sweden (the thermostat beside me says -6c, burr) But anyhow I try my best to dress well even in 20 layers. I love my Saturdays when I take my time to get all dolled up, just to go grocery shopping with my boyfriend when he gets off work. We always buy extra nice things for dinner and share a lovely bottle of wine. Candle light is a must too. xoxo Kristina

  2. I think I just fell in love with your leopard print heels B – they’e beautiful! And yes…dressing up for everyday activities is a must in my book – turns them into something far more exciting! xxx

  3. My favourite thing about snow, apart from the snow itself is getting to wear my big, clumpy leather boots with the furry lining. It makes me feel quite cute to be stomping around in oversized shoes and like I could take on anything & anyone!

  4. This is perfection! Everything, even groceries and errands, always feels way more glamorous with pink and leopard. Now I want to hop over the pond called the Atlantic Ocean and visit this little bookstore!


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  7. Just found your blog and it was love at first sight! You have such an incredible style and I love your photos. I so envy the fact that you live in London! It looks so cool.

    It’s really cold here in Finland so I’m not able to wear heels outside yet but I’m so looking forward to warmer weather. Love the dress and the heels you are wearing.

    And the bookshop looks so cool. I love books and the smell of little bookshops.


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