Springtime Pursuits

Here in England, it feels as though spring is only just bursting forth from the drabness of the last days of winter. Yet in truth, there is less than a month until summer begins, and I’m determined to squeeze in all my favourite spring activities before the new season begins. This is my favourite time of year; all fragrant blossom-lined streets, long days and golden sunsets, spring cleaning and fresh new beginnings. Here are a few of my favourite spring pursuits (or how I will be spending the next few weeks before embracing the glory of summertime):

1. Be a flower girl. More than anything, I love springtime for the beauty of nature’s grand explosion of flora. The first fragrant narcissus and jonquils, pretty puffs of cherry pink blossoms on the trees, carpets of sweet bluebells on woodland walks, streets lined with heady lilac trees, and the English gardens coming alive with the sweetest-smelling blooms of every colour. I’m going for sunset walk to see all the prettiest flowers in the neighbourhood, picking handfuls of wild daisies, buying myself (or someone I love) a bunch of the most blousy pink peonies I can find just because, fill my house with flowers and stop to smell the roses, always.

2. Love where I live. I can’t think of a single place that isn’t improved by the beauty of late spring, and there are few better times of year to fall into a deep love affair with your city. I’m vowing to explore new neighbourhoods where I live, try a new place for brunch, try to find the best coffee (or eggs florentine, martinis, ice cream, live jazz…) in town, take long walks past all the prettiest places, take photos of my favourite sights in all their spring glory and play tourist for a weekend (and when in doubt, pretending I’m playing out the opening scenes of a Woody Allen film).

3. Freshen my look. In my book, it’s entirely acceptable to float through spring in a wardrobe of white dresses, tanned skin and pastel hues. I’m packing away the coats and cashmere for the season, swapping my burgundy lipstick and dark manicures for a dewy glow and pink cheeks, adding a pop of colour and pretending I’m the girl in a Coppola perfume commercial.

4. Spring cleaning. Whether you approach the act of spring cleaning with satisfaction or disdain, there is no denying the pleasure of a freshly-spruced home that sparkles from top to bottom. I’m throwing open the windows, putting on my favourite tunes and spending a day cleaning, scrubbing, dusting and polishing everything in sight. I’m sorting through my wardrobe, bathroom cabinets, and cupboards and culling anything that isn’t loved. There’s is something so liberating about getting rid of anything that makes you feel drab.

5. Primp my place. After all that sprucing and de-cluttering, I’m taking the time to add a few things that make me smile; a beautiful new lamp, some crisp new linen, a few new Diptyque candles, some statement pieces and finally hanging some pictures on the wall.

6. Go outside. When the weather is this perfect, it feels a terrible shame to waste a moment of it indoors (especially in England, when you never know when the blue skies might suddenly turn drab). I’m meeting friends for al fresco picnics in the park for dinner with a side of sunshine, going for bike rides down country lanes, heading to rooftop bars in town for after-work cocktails with a view, and taking a rowboat out on the lake (you’ll find me rowing on the Serpentine).

7. Spread a little sparkle. Everyone seems to be a little bit friendlier when the sun is shining. Amplify the happy feelings of spring by trying to do one good deed everyday for no reason other than to make someone else’s day a little brighter. Smile at strangers you pass on the street (because happiness is infectious), send a ‘just because’ package to a friend that you know will make them smile, volunteer for a good cause, pay a compliment to someone, and practise random acts of kindness often.

8. Try something new. What is something you’ve always wanted to try, but have never quite got around to doing? Why not revisit your ‘bucket list’ or New Year resolutions to master one skill or another and tick at least one thing off. Enrol in a language class, try a completely new cuisine, ride in a hot air balloon, learn to dance the meringue, go to a polo match, learn to bake macarons.

9. Watch the clouds float by. Luxurious lazing, or taking time to dream, is highly underrated. On a glorious spring day, I just want to lay under a canopy of trees on a sunny day and soak in the loveliness of spring. Because sometimes the best plans are no plans at all.

10. Have an adventure. Where do you want to go this weekend? Gather up your friends and take a fabulously weekend trip somewhere. Plan a scenic route, compile a playlist, pack some snacks, put down the sunroof and just drive off into the sunset (bonus points for ‘glamping’ under the stars at your destination). The only rules: a sense of fun and adventure! I’m heading to Brighton for fun fair rides, striped deckchairs and ice cream beside the seaside.

Now, if anyone needs me, I’ll be punting on the River Cam

What are your favourite things to do at this time of year? I’d love to hear!

Love, Miss B xx


13 thoughts on “Springtime Pursuits

  1. I obviously love your list of springtime activities! As for me, when the warm and sunny may/june days arrive I suddenly realise Rome is just a 20mins drive from the beach! Few things I love as much as eating lobster or clams spaghetti in a tiny restaurant by the sea. Wearing a breton stripes tee and espadrilles, of course.

  2. I love sitting outside on my porch in the mornings with a cup of tea, summertime fruits and vegetables, and afternoon rain. Really, this time of the year is the best.

    Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

  3. I love your list and that is pretty much what I try to live by every new season. Spring time I love to go on hikes through the beautiful parks we have here in Canada and once the weather is warmer I love going out in the evenings with friends for food and to just relax 🙂

  4. Just read your older post on wardrobe detox, and I’m happy to find someone who loves cleaning out wardrobes as much as I do, and who uses soaps to make them smell nice 😀 (people tend to think I’ve lost the plot >.<)

  5. Your post is so inspiring! I too try to take the time to reorganize my days and take time to enjoy the beauty that surrounds me. The Rocky Mountains of Salt Lake are still snow capped, but the mountains have come alive with pretty rustic flowers and greenery everywhere. Springtime here is beautiful and fresh. It feels good to put away the sweaters and dark hues for the softness of spring colors!

  6. I think i need to do some of that decluttering you have been working on… I have just arrived in Australia (kind of the reverse of you!) and have all sorts of old bits that i should have thrown away.

    As winter is looming in Melbourne now anyway, i should probably restock on warm clothes!!


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  8. Hi there,

    we absolutley love your website!!! We just stumbled upon it and feel immediatley enchanted!

    You just got yourself two German fans!

    Have a lovely day,

    Birdy and Bambi

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