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A Girl, A Style _ 7 Things for the Weekend

First things first: a very Happy New Year to you all! I’m just back from Australia (and my Christmas blogging break) and ready to tackle 2016 in style. After a month of lazing about on the beach in the sunshine, it was rather a shock to the system to have to put on a suit and take myself back to work this week (my Monday began with a 4:00am start to head to Brussels for meetings), so I’m ready for a quiet weekend of self-pampering and time spent with friends.

1. It’s scheduled to be raining all weekend here, so I’ll be in fully-fledged hibernation mode. I’ll be making it as luxurious as possible with old-Hollywood movies, a stack of magazines and lots of candles. This Olympia le Tan for Diptyque is my current favourite (it smells like an English garden in spring).

2. Like the rest of the world, I’m trying to be a little more saintly this January (less sugar and coffee, more water and self-kindness). Carrying a bottle of water everywhere helps, and I swear by my weekend barre classes (the instructor plays Motown tunes which makes it feel more like a dance party, and less like the torturous exercise class it actually is). What January-improvement tips are you trying?

3. Have you read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying? It’s a little extreme (I won’t be rolling my underwear or ripping pages out of my books anytime soon…), but the principle is excellent and it really makes you think about everything you own. I’m constantly running out of storage space and have implemented a strict ‘one-in-one-out‘ policy for everything new that I buy, but I’m taking it one step further by organising my entire place this January. Want to get a similar head start on your spring cleaning? I dare you to organise your entire room of your house this weekend! 

4. After said tidying session, go and buy yourself a big bunch of pink roses or spring flowers to bring the outdoors in and make your place feel extra cheery.

5. I always like to start the weekend with a Saturday morning facial + masque. While in Australia, I stocked up on all my favourites from Aesop (I’ve been using the brand for 15 years and it’s still my number 1), which make my skincare ritual feel like a joy. If you haven’t tried the brand before, I’d recommend starting with the divine Mandarin Face Cream and the equally lovely Resurrection Hand Cream.

6. Suffering from January blues? Compensate for the lack of Vitamin D by plotting a spring adventure somewhere wonderful. I’m planning a long weekend trip to Paris with the fiancé in May (nothing makes me happier than Paris in the spring!). This should help with the destination-planning!

7. I love keeping the art of beautiful snail mail alive. Still haven’t sent your ‘thank you’ notes from the holidays? Hand-write some beautiful cards this weekend ready to post on Monday. This chic notecard set should cover all-occasions.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Love, Miss B xx


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    • Thank you! And I agree; it’s so nice to set aside a little time just for yourself in the form of some pampering every weekend.

      B xx

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