June in Pictures

Picnics in the park whenever the sky is blue. Watching the clouds drift by. Blossoms, sunshine and springtime pastels. Weekend roadtrips. The British seaside. Striped sunloungers and fair rides. Brighton Pier. The smell of sunscreen, salty air and fish and chips. Ice cream on hot days. The first roses of the summer bursting into bloom. Playing tourist in London. Afternoons at the museums. Trooping the Colour with The Queen and her royal horseguards.

Multiple afternoon tea and cocktail dates in the most opulent surroundings at The Gilbert Scott at The St Pancras Renaissance (where I can hop straight off the Cambridge Express and be in a booth with a pear cocktail in hand 3 minutes later). Pretending to be a Spice Girl on the grand staircase with Dearne. Glittery heels and oversized pearls when the sky outside is dreary. Decadent vices (in the form of Charbonnel et Walker rose and violet truffles, like an English garden in a perfect little chocolate). June pursuits. At the polo with Coast. Pimms and posh men on ponies. Stomping the divots in Marc Jacobs bow heels (because shoes with bows always win over sensible footwear anyway). Games of croquet in the garden. Lunchtime strolls around the grand backstreets of Westminster.

Weekly trips to the farmers market for big bunches of pink peonies and fragrant lilacs. Throwing open all the windows and spring cleaning. Doing a little diy art for my walls. Cambridge May week fireworks, balls and garden parties before the students leave for the summer. The sound of bumblebees happily buzzing in the gardens. The cobbled streets looking magical bathed in golden sunsets. Evening bike rides. Dining al fresco and watching the world go by. English strawberries and all the flavours of summer. A pop of summery colour in the form of coral Estee Lauder hues and fuschia Prada heels.

I hope you all had a wonderful month!

Love, Miss B xx

August in Pictures

Lazy Sunday mornings; brunch, Earl Grey tea & the September issues (and spotting myself in my favourite one). Shoes to make my heart beat faster at Valentino on a trip to Bicester Village. Beautiful Chanel Gardenia perfume for when I need to feel sophisticated (but still ‘me’). My beloved blush Mulberry Lily bag accompanying me on so many summertime adventures. The most wonderful staircase (I am definitely copying this idea when I finally buy a place of my own) at Opening Ceremony’s new London store. Treasure hunting vintage jewels from all over the place – always. Green carnations and lilac hydrangeas in every room of me house. Golden Jimmy Choo sandals and gobstopper jewels to add a little sparkle to a workday. New necklaces made just for me by my friend Spike the Punch.

Hot summer weekends and gilded sunsets. Ticking another item of my ’30 Things to do Before I’m 30′ list with a weekend at Wilderness Festival with my friend Dearne. Donning raspberry Hunter boots and taking to rowboats on the lake. Ottolenghi banquets. Listening to the Temper Trap play as the sun set. Afternoons spent reading Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Floral masks and midnight masquerade balls in the woods. Spending the weekend in a charming country B&B with views over the chocolate box-perfect town square. Drives through the beautiful Cotswolds countryside. Wearing white lace dresses and wavy hair. Evenings spent lazing on the banks of the River Cam (my happy place) as punt drift on by.

Lunch breaks on the terrace overlooking the Thames at the Palace of Westminster. Sunday trips to Richmond. Acting like a small child in a candy shop at Chanel’s popup beauty store in Covent Garden. Walks around redbrick mansion-lined streets in the rain and afternoon tea at The Marylebone with Lucy and Helen as summery thunderstorms raged outside. The candy-coloured shopfronts of Carnaby Street. Stocking up on the most divine sweet treats in Liberty’s chocolate room. More rose milkshakes and orange blossom macarons at Laduree than I should probably admit to.

I hope you all had a wonderful month! What are you most looking forward to in September?

Love, Miss B xx

May in Pictures

London in the rain (as April’s showers insist on continuing). Exploring Columbia Road. Filling my home with armfuls of Spring flowers. Pear milkshakes and strawberry poppy macarons at Laduree with my friend Charlotte. Wearing the brightest colours in my wardrobe and filling my wrist with arm candy. Choos galore arrive at my house for a fun collaboration with Jimmy Choo. After work trips to the farmers market and rides on my PashleyWarm evenings spent beside the river in Cambridge. Thatched cottages, tiny villages, antique shops and Shakespeare on a long weekend in the Cotswolds (another of my ’30 things to do before I’m 30′ goals). Walks to Grantchester in Cambridge for picnics, countryside air and tea beneath the apple trees at The Orchard. Darling English bluebell season. Watching the Clever Boyfriend collect his PhD from Cambridge University (and bubbling over with pride). Climbing to the top of the Kings College Chapel roof (a very rare Cambridge privilege) as a celebratory treat. New Mulberry shoes and other treasures that make me smile. A trip to the London Zoo. Raspberry ice cream in the blazing sunshine in Regent’s Park.A trip to Bicester Village (a mecca for discounted designer treats) with Alice Temperley. Staying in Mayfair with family and waking up to the glorious view of plush townhouses and treetops. Window shopping in the neighbourhood; Miu Miu and Chanel and Penhaligon’s, oh my! Evening walks around Piccadilly and Chinatown. Pret-a-Portea with my friend Dearne at the Berkeley. Lazing in Hyde Park on balmy evenings. Violet cocktails at the Rose Bar for a dose of old-London decadence.

I hope you all had a wonderful month!

Love, Miss B xx

Fairytale Day

When I was a child, I lived in a happy world of ballet classes, tea parties in the garden, and an insatiable appetite for fantastical fairytale stories. I was sure I would resist the lure of the Royal Wedding, but all of a sudden this week, I couldn’t help but be enormously excited by the decadence and romance of it all. For this was the story of the lovely and handsome (if slightly balding) Prince finding his love – who was neither a titled Royal nor an aristocrat – who would become his Princess. And all the ingredients from those stories I loved so much were there: a grand kingdom (I’ve never seen London looking more spectacular and beautiful than it did yesterday, the streets swept clean and lined with Union Jacks fluttering on the breeze); a gorgeous princess (I gasped when she stepped from her car in her lace McQueen dress) and her adoring Prince (when William stepped out in his red military regalia, I think my heart went aflutter, for he looked just like the Prince from all my fairytale books); a good dose of pomp and fanfare (in the form of a gilded horse-drawn carriage, the Household Cavalry in their dashing dress uniforms and the sounds of the State Trumpeters as the Queen entered the Abbey); and of course, a story of strong and enduring love (the couple’s giggles after their balcony kisses, William’s sweet whispers and stolen winks during the ceremony… these are the symbols of a pair genuinely comfortable together and in love with one another).

So, as this was a day worthy of a fairytale, I decided only the girliest of frou frou tea parties would do. There were vintage pink champagne glasses and elderflower cocktails, English tea and fine china, rose biscuits, tarts and berries, and of course Vogue, jewels and sorbet-coloured porcelain scented candles. Although I love searching for the best afternoon tea at London’s finest establishments, isn’t it always just as fun to throw a fabulous afternoon at home?

And while I’m now old enough to realise that beyond my happy dreamworld there lies a worldly reality, isn’t it wonderful and good for one’s soul to even for the briefest of hours forget all those things and instead just come together to celebrate moments of love, and of happiness, and of all that is beautiful and fun in the world.

Because despite the wars and discontent and sadness that are very much realities for so many in this world of ours, sometimes, just sometimes, those lovely fairytales really do come true.

Did you all watch the Royal Wedding? Did you find it as lovely and romantic as I did?

Love, Miss B xx