Chanel Spring/Summer ’11

The invite

I was waiting for the end of Paris Fashion Week to do a roundup of all my favourite shows, but regular readers will know that I love Chanel more than fashion itself*, and so I just couldn’t wait to share this hot off the (proverbial) press.

For his latest catwalk extravaganza, Karl Lagerfeld filled his usual locale, the Grand Palais, with a manicured French garden complete with patterned hedges and a fountain (this and the floral invitation alone seemed a sign of good things to come). What followed was a heady mix of sequins, appliqued chiffon, spring-appropriate tweed, silks (printed, beaded, slashed), pearls, feathers and clutch bags.

I loved the floral silk dresses juxtaposed with a slim leather jacket (a look I’m currently wearing constantly for Fall), the frothy appliqued chiffon and the lace booties. Aside from a few pairs of clumpy shoes (which felt more like Communist-era orthopedic sandals than Chanel), this was the stuff that wardrobe dreams are made of.

Do you have a favourite designer you’re always excited to see?

Love, Miss B xx

* I woke up this morning with the excitement of a small child on Christmas morning, exclaiming to the Clever Boyfriend “it’s almost time for Chanel!!!

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