There is something wonderful about that moment when the clocks tick over to 00.01 on January 1st and a new year begins. With a new calendar comes the prospect for new beginnings, a clean state, the prospect to fulfil grand plans and resolutions.

I’m not one for rigidly-restrictive resolutions, but I do like to take the opportunity of the changing year to pause, reflect on the year that has passed, and look towards how I wish the year ahead to take form. Whereas others hastily scribble these down the moment it hits New Year’s Day, I like to mull over my plans for a full week, and write my goals once one full week of the new year has passed. Continuing my tradition, these are a few of the bigger things I resolve to work on this year (I won’t bore you with my more practical little goals):

To continue to view the world through rose tinted glasses. To take the optimistic view of things, to worry less about that which I cannot control, to appreciate the small pleasures in life, and to actively seek out things which make me smile.

To be kind to my body. After a major health scare last year, I’ve vowed not to take my health for granted just because I’m young. I aim to get more sleep and work on reducing stress in my day job, eat healthily 90% of the time, get more exercise and drop a few pounds.

To actively spread loveliness. To practise random acts of kindness often, to do kind and romantic things for my loved ones, to send more hand-written thank you notes and ‘just because’ presents to make people smile, to dish out genuine smiles and spirit-boosting compliments everyday.

To make time for treasured moments. Enjoy daily ‘me’ time doing something I love, read more books, to be playful and go on picnics and lie in grassy fields watching the clouds float by in blue skies, to travel to several new places I am yet to explore.

Throughout January, I’ll share a few more of my favourite ways to get organised (from your wardrobe to your beauty cabinet) and to ensure 2012 is filled with as many charming pleasures as possible.

I’d love to hear what goals (tiny or momentous) you’re all setting for this year?

Love, Miss B xx