December in Pictures

A Girl, A Style _ December in Pictures 3

Chasing away the winter blues with an abundance of roses and small pleasures. Jo Malone Red Roses perfume on grey days. Pink boxes filled with new Agent Provocateur loveliness. The most delicious truffles from Charbonnel et Walker‘s charming little Mayfair boutique (available in the US here). Playing in the last of the autumn leaves in Cambridge college gardens. Hot chocolate dates at tiny cafes. Fuelling my RED Valentino addiction with this dress that makes me want to twirl. Nighttime walks beneath the twinkling Christmas lights of Mayfair. Window-shopping after dark + dreaming of a wardrobe full of Miu Miu heels. Afternoon tea at Laduree with my girl Aimee.

A Girl, A Style _ December in Pictures

Decking the halls for the holidays + filling my home with festive sparkle. My new Louboutin heels that look like presents for my feet. Pink champagne and cocktail hour by the tree. The sounds of the Rat Pack Christmas album. Kate Spade cocktail rings + J. Crew crystal earrings. Curling up with tea and Gatsby on rainy evenings. Fairy lights + golden owl candles from Anthropologie. Wrapping presents. Wearing these sequinned heels to holiday parties. A shiny new bow purse from Kate Spade. Gingerbread men. Christmas movie marathons.

A Girl, A Style _ December in Pictures 2

London all dressed up for the season. Festive sparkle and department store Christmas windows on Oxford Street. Sale shopping at Selfridges. Mulberry’s fairy tale pop-up at Harrods. Wandering through Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery after work. An evening at The Nutcracker (my favourite annual Christmas tradition). Old London glamour and the best lobster rolls in town at The Delaunay. Stella McCartney‘s Christmas lights (and this pink silk dress of dreams). Cristmas loveliness with family. Wintery walks around Mayfair. The glow of The Ritz at sundown.

I hope you all had a wonderful end to 2013!

Love, Miss B xx


Recent Treasures

I’m not ready to say farewell to summer just yet, so I’ve been filling my days with sunshine, bike rides and an abundance of colour and sparkle; whether in the form of a pop of bright pink lipstick against tanned skin, boxes of juicy Cambridge strawberries or cherries from the market for picnics by the river, a spritz of a favourite summery scent, or big bunches of flowers from the garden or flower stall.

Here are a few of my favourite summertime treasures of late: floral-scented Diptyque candles and bunches of pink roses, peonies and hydrangeas in every room; favourite new blush pink Ferragamo flats (that have walked all over London, Cambridge and Oxford with me all summer long); vintage jewels treasure-hunted in tiny antique shops and on Portobello Road; a favourite new perfume from Jo Malone; sparkly Miu Miu heels (that magically seem to work with almost every outfit I own); a sweet Anya Hindmarch makeup purse; nail polishes in every shade of petal pink from Chanel and Estée Lauder; this wildly impractical yet entirely fabulous lips clutch from Lulu Guinness.

What are some of your current favourite pastimes and treasures?

Love, Miss B xx


Inside my Bag: Illustrated Edition

It seems to be a universal truth amongst women that we love having a peek inside other women’s wardrobes, beauty cabinets and handbags.* It is nothing short of nosiness, but I love getting to see what other women use, how they organise things, and exactly what it is they tote around with them each day. Perhaps it’s just me, but I always think you can tell a lot about a woman from her handbag (and the state of its contents).

So in the spirit of our sartorial nosiness, here are a few things you’ll currently find tucked inside my handbag, as illustrated by the super talented and lovely Kristina Hultkrantz (you may recognise her work from the pages of Matchbook Magazine) who so kindly sent me this drawing (isn’t it just darling?); my beloved blush Mulberry Lily bag and bow heels, my signature long pearls and Chanel brooches (there is always an assortment of spare jewellery in my bag, just in case…), a golden Anya Hindmarch lucky sixpence coin purse, Anna Sui mirror, Chanel lipstick (there are always at least 4 lipsticks in there at any time, because a girl never knows when a red lip may suddenly be required) and nailpolish, my business cards and a collection of miscellaneous lucky charms, tokens and little things I collect throughout the day (magpie tendencies).

Not pictured, but always present; Chloe sunglasses, Miu Miu bow purse, Moleskine notebook and a pen for jotting down ideas as they strike, gum and orange blossom pastilles, Clarins concealer pen for touchups, ipod, hairclips and a Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume rollerball.

I’d love to know what you carry around inside your bag each day?

Love, Miss B xx

Please tell me it’s not just me?