7 Things for the Weekend

A Girl, A Style _ Tom Ford Cherry Lush Lipstick

Tom Ford ‘Cherry Lush’ lipstick // Kate Spade ‘All in Good Taste’ book

I honestly don’t know where this week went. After a whirlwind trip to The Netherlands for work the other day, my stepmother came to stay from Australia last weekend so I was busy playing tourist after work all week. It’s going to be a rainy weekend here in England (April showers do get me down), so I have a pretty low-key weekend plans of spring cleaning + organising my wardrobe, going to see a movie, and getting my hair done (I’m so very rock and roll).

1. I don’t know about you, but a single red lipstick seems to last me for years. So when you purchase the same one for the third time, you know it’s a winner. My friend Tania first introduced me to the excellence of Tom Ford ‘Cherry Lush‘ – the perfect true red shade – about 8 years ago, and I’ve been loyal to it ever since.

2. I am always on the hunt for the perfect breton striped top; it must be white -not cream – and navy, slim enough that it doesn’t look as though I have literally stolen it from a French fisherman – but not skin tight, and just the right thickness so that it’s flattering and doesn’t stretch out in the wash (I’m so demanding, I know). I ordered this one last week and I think the search might finally be over!

3. Now is the perfect time to pack away all your winter boots and shoes and bring out your summer footwear. While you’re at it, take the time to clean them all and take any which need new soles or heels to the cobbler. If you haven’t worn them at all in the past year, it’s probably time to sell them or donate them on.

4. I just rediscovered this rose beauty balm. I used to use it for years as a cleansing balm (I would take off my makeup and then leave it on in the shower for 10 minutes to work as a treatment masque) but then forgot about it. I’ve been using it every evening for the past couple of weeks and my skin is already so much softer.

5. If you’re in London, don’t miss the ‘Painting the Modern Garden’ exhibition at the Royal Academy (which ends in a few days). I went with my aunt the other week (followed by afternoon tea at Laduree on Piccadilly) and it was just breathtaking from start to finish.

6. Do you have sugar face? I’m trying really hard to minimise sugar (my one vicethough I’m realistic enough to know I’ll never cut it out completely) myself, and if the health benefits weren’t enough of a motivator, this article might just speak to your vanity.

7. I’m more of a proponent for wardrobe classics vs short-lived trends, and there’s no lovelier an icon than the white summer dress. This white cotton + lace version is practically perfect in every way (bonus points for the budget-friendly price tag), and is sure to accompany me on many summer adventures.

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As always, please do let me know what you’re buying, doing or enjoying this week in the comments below (I always love reading your favourites).  I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend!

Love, Miss B xx


7 Things for the Weekend

A Girl, A Style _ 7 Things

Pictured: Deborah Lippmann nail polish in ‘Blue Orchid‘ // Alex Monroe ring 

Honestly, this week flew by in a complete blur and I didn’t do anything aside from work, so I’m looking forward to the long weekend and having a few days off with my family in London before an even busier week ahead. Next Thursday I’m off to The Hague for work (it will be my first time there and I can’t wait to see the Binnenhof and visit the Girl With a Pearl Earing at the Maurithuis gallery), and then will have a few hours to myself in Amsterdam before my flight home Friday night (I haven’t been since I was small, so all tips and suggestions for things to see and do in Amsterdam or The Hague gratefully received).

1. Whether you celebrate Easter or not, it’s the perfect time to indulge in the traditions of the season; buy a big bunch of spring flowers (I love pink hyacinths and perfumed white narcissi), paint your nails a pretty easter pastel hue, and eat all the chocolate eggs and hot cross buns (Marks & Spencer’s toffee & belgian chocolate chip buns are a revelation) you can manage. And then work it off with a long walk somewhere beautiful.

2. I am a huge fan of London label Self Portrait. I bought two of their dresses last year and they’re both so beautiful and of such great quality (without being wildly expensive) that I just added another two to my wardrobe for spring/summer: this black one (I love midi-length and the ribbon ties), and also the blue version of this white one I bought last summer (it also comes in blush, yellow and mint).

3. It’s going to be raining all long weekend in England, so I’m taking my Aunt and Cousin to see the garden exhibit at the Royal Academy (I tried to go with my friend Grace while she was in town last month, but it was completely booked out), followed by tea at Laduree or Fortnum & Mason afterwards. The French Impressionists are my favourite, so I can’t wait to see all those works by Monet, Renoir and Matisse.

4. After sitting in my cart for months, I finally pulled the trigger and bought these GHD tongs (before I’d just try to curl my hair with my straighteners, but the style would never last all day). It’s completely changed my morning routine and it looks like I’ve had a blow-dry every day (even though I really need to get to the salon).

5. I nearly completely burned myself out when I turned 30 – mostly under the weight of my own expectations for myself – so this article definitely resonated: ‘Why Millennial Women Are Burning Out‘ (can you relate?)

6. I have a weakness for anything monogrammed and which looks like it might belong in a Parisian apartment, so just bought a set of these cute little coasters for our coffee table.

7. I’ve been making a point of reading for half an hour before bed (instead of just coming home late from work, working through an enormous to-do list and then falling into bed exhausted) and it has made such a difference to my stress levels. Whenever I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by my schedule, commitments or just ‘stuff’ in general, I re-read this rather excellent book and it reminds me to take charge of my own happiness. Does the trick every time!

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As always, please do let me know what you’re buying, doing or enjoying this week in the comments below (I always love reading your favourites).  I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend!

Love, Miss B xx


7 Things for the Weekend


I don’t know about you, but this week absolutely flew by in a blur. I was in Brussels for work (I’m there often, but it’s always just a series of political meetings; one day I really must carve out enough time to actually explore the city whilst I’m there), and am still feeling rather fragile after hitting some ice and taking a spectacular dive off my bicycle last week (I managed to tear a ligament in my knee, hurt my shoulder and ribs and fracture my ankle, which means no gym or high heels for me for the next couple of weeks). Needless to say I’m looking forward to a weekend of no plans other than pottering around the house, working through a stack of new magazines, and binge-watching the new season of House of Cards on Netflix.

1. Spring is almost here! While it’s not quite time to pack away all your winter supplies just yet, now is the best time to stock up on lighter layers for Spring (before the warm weather arrives and everything is sold out). I just ordered this powder blue coat and this fun cardigan (pictured above, which I’ll team with blue jeans + a white Oxford shirt; this one is my favourite).

2. Sign up for a class or try something completely new (that you’d never ordinarily do). My friend and I just signed up for weekly salsa dancing classes in town.

3. Put your winter fragrances away and treat yourself to something lighter for the new season. I just put any that haven’t run out in the top shelf of my fridge (to preserve them until next winter) and re-stocked my favourite Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia.

4. No outdoor space? Plant some bulbs indoors to mark spring’s impending arrival. I bought a big pot of sprouting white hyacinth bulbs for about £2 in Marks & Spencer the other day, and transplanted them into pretty glass pedestal pots and empty jam jars to display in every room around the house. Instant spring cheer for less than the price of a cup of coffee.  

5. I just bought this Kate Spade book and it’s the perfect bible for the modern hostess: recipes, entertaining tips and ideas, and the complete guide to etiquette for every situation.

6. Its been over a decade since I was single and dating, and boy things have changed (Tinder didn’t even exist back then). I loved this post by my good friend Grace on dating in your thirties.

7. J.Crew has got its mojo back, and I’d like everything please. This ruffled striped dress is definitely coming home with me.

What are you all enjoying at the moment? Happy weekend everyone!

Love, Miss B xx

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7 Things for the Weekend

A Girl, A Style _ Nicolette + Briony

Poor February gets a bad rap as the bleakest month of the year. But between my birthday last week (which, characteristically, I forgot to plan anything for aside from dinner with friends in town) and the promise of Spring, it’s not all bad. Last weekend we had a marvellous evening at the annual Valentine’s Day supper at Kings College, and then a midnight stroll around Cambridge which was all lit up for the e-Luminate festival (I shared it here). This weekend I’ve been struck by a cold, so I’ll be taking my own advice and ditching Fashion Week shows this weekend in favour of hibernating in style.

1. My BFF Nicolette posted this picture (above) on my Twitter feed on my birthday, and it made my day! It was a candid I’d never seen from her wedding last May; us being us, we were taking a selfie about 3 minutes after she walked down the aisle, because #internetfriends. Our silly poses are completely ridiculous, but it makes me smile so much because it was one of my favourite days ever. After the beautiful ceremony (thank goodness for waterproof mascara and oversized Karen Walker sunglasses because there were plenty of happy tears) and reception at the Wythe in Williamsburg, we all went to the Brooklyn Bowl for midnight bowling. I loved seeing her wedding album over on Style Me Pretty this week; I dare you to resist adding the entire thing to Pinterest.

2. Have a bad case of winter face (freezing winter air + lack of sunlight = dull, parched skin)? I’ve just rediscovered my favourite glow-giving primer (after dabbling with a few others the past year), and it’s made everything a little bit better.

3. Have an Oscars movie-viewing party with your friends. Last weekend we saw The Martian, which was excellent, and The Big Short and Bridge of Spies were both outstanding. Steve JobsBrooklyn, Joy and The Danish Girl are next on my list.

4. Still on a New Year Marie Kondo organising mission like me? Pick a single room, area or cupboard to declutter this weekend and donate 10 things you no longer love or use to charity (or a friend who will use them).

5. Upgrade your off-duty weekend wear. Whistles‘ splendid French slogan tees are my favourite, and I guarantee they’re as deliciously soft and comfortable as they are cool. I already have a couple of styles, but I’ll be adding this version to my wardrobe too.

6. Why don’t you plan a project around the house. I’m finally getting my entryway wallpapered (I’ve wanted to do it since we moved in but never quite got around to it), and just ordered this amazing palm print paper and these coat hooks. I can’t wait until it’s done!

7. This utterly gorgeous statement necklace. Because it’s still winter and sometimes a girl just needs to buy herself fabulous jewellery (and also because it will look as chic with a breton top in summer as it will with a cashmere sweater or oxford shirt now).

Let me know what you’re enjoying at the moment or what you’re up to this weekend in the comments below. And now, the weekend calls! 

Love, Miss B xx

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