Chanel Treasures, Part 1: Investment Pieces

Regular readers will by now be familiar with my love for Chanel. Without a hesitation of doubt, it is my favourite fashion house; the one whose shop windows make my heart go a-flutter, the one whose couture shows I lie awake at night dreaming of attending, the one whose gorgeous accessories I will happily forgo all other purchases in favour of and save up for.

I am enormously sentimentally attached to Chanel for a great number of reasons. My 2.55 bag was my very first proper designer bag (I actually sobbed for hours when it was stolen in London, and saved for months to replace it because my wardrobe suddenly felt incomplete with it missing), and from the moment I stepped in that beautiful boutique in Melbourne, there was no going back (once you’ve tasted the luxury of slipping a 2.55 on your shoulder – with it’s transformative powers to make even jeans and a tshirt look glamorous – there is no returning to cheap accessories). I love the way Karl Lagerfeld (or ‘Uncle Karl’, as I wish I could call him…) has paid tribute to all those symbols so beloved by Coco herself – the camellia, the pearl, the number ‘5’, the two-toned shoes, the breton stripe, the chain bag & the signature black and white – yet continues to reinvent these icons every season in a way which seems to make sense entirely in a modern context. When I slip on my Chanel flats, with their big silk camellias and bows on the toes, I suddenly want to indulge in all my French fantasies of living in Paris for a year, skipping through the Jardins de Tuileries, having picnics of stinky cheese and Laduree macarons in the Place des Vosges, and cycling through Le Marais. But most of all, I love that Chanel reminds me of my mother, and the way she taught me to invest in that which makes my heart skip a beat, but never to resort to the dull (instead, like her, I hunt for luxury pieces with a sense of fun and whimsy).

So while I can’t afford an entire wardrobe filled with Chanel (oh, to be one of Lagerfeld’s muses, getting to skip around the French Riviera in frothy couture dresses), I will always save up for their beautiful accessories for the rest of my life. For now, these are a few of my favourite Chanel treasures that make my heart skip a beat: My beloved 2.55 handbag, my Camellia flats, and these spectacular patent heels which, although they feel like torture devices to wear for extended periods of time (probably my own fault for forgetting that patent leather does not give in the slightest, and that I should have gone up half a size), are just the most beautiful things (just look at those quilted golden heels!) that I secretly love to wear around the house to do nothing at all, for they make me smile just to look at. If there is anyone who knows how to turn footwear into a work of art, it’s Karl Lagerfeld.

I’d love to know, what is your ‘investment brand’?

Love, Miss B xx

44 thoughts on “Chanel Treasures, Part 1: Investment Pieces

  1. I thought I would have a long love affair with Mulberry after I bought my first Bayswater bag…but alas that relationship didn’t last after the bag died and I had to settle for a replacement.

    A Chanel 2.55 bag is on my list for my 30th birthday (still 2 years away) but I think it is the ultimate investment! De x

    • Oh my, that would be the ultimate birthday present to yourself! Heaven knows what I’ll buy myself for my 30th birthday, but I’m sure there’ll be some Chanel in there somewhere πŸ˜‰

      B xx

  2. I know it’s not that hard when we’re talking Chanel,but you do have an excellent taste! In fact,as much as I love Zio Karl (that’s “uncle” in Italian) I’m not sure I get any accessory he designs (remember the gun heel shoes?) Those patent heels though are fabulous and I think nothing is too expensive when it makes you feel as good as you feel with your Chanel beauties!

  3. Chanel is definitely one of my favorite designers. I love the pieces in your collection. For now, I will be content with my Coco Mademoiselle parfum, Violette Sapphire lip gloss, and the few bottles of nail polish in mine:)

  4. Sorry to say…there isn’t one for me. I find the prices astronomical and, for me, not worth it. The few very good name pieces I have (and love) include two fab Hermes carres and a sheared mink coat (not a label, but my largest purchase ever.)

    If I had a LOT more money, I’d buy Etro, Catherine Malandrino and Ghost.

    I tend to spend money much more freely on lovely things for my home as they tend to last and, for me anyway, offer more pleasure.

    • It’s true, Chanel is horribly expensive (I won’t pretend otherwise) and I absolutely agree that such expense is not for everyone (I only justify it for pieces I know I’ll love forever and which will last for years and years and years). Investing in lovely things for your home is absolutely wonderful – after all, your home should be your haven! But until I can figure out where I want to settle (and buy a house), accessories it is! πŸ˜‰

      B xx

  5. I cannot believe someone stole your 2.55, I’m not surprised you were so upset!

    I’d love to be able to own even *one* piece of Chanel!

    My favourite ever designer purchase is my Louis Vuitton Speedy – a classic! I do love the new Speedy with the extra long strap though…

  6. Actually my investment brand is Lancel. Love their bags and luggage and they last forever. Great post by the way !

  7. I suppose I am a bit of a Mulberry fangirl, myself. I would love to own a 2.55 one day, but it doesn’t quite fit in with my lifestyle at the moment, if you know what I mean? I will start saving up when I start working someplace a wee bit fancier than my current call center πŸ˜‰

    • Ooh yes, as I’m sure you know I’m an enormous Mulberry fan girl myself (one of the few brands that could rival my Chanel love). And good luck with the job hunt!

      B xx

  8. Great post. My investment pieces are all coats from MaxMara–like the 2.55 bag, they are classic but not boring. They are a daily refuge, and even the casual ones exude a nonchalant elegance.

  9. Oh how I love this post! I too am a big Chanel fan and in fact, have those same torturous shoes that you do. Torture me they may, but I love them anyway. Plus I was lucky enough to get them on sale!!

  10. I am in LOVE with Chanel, it is a dream to own a 2.55 or a classic tweed jacket but for now I will stick to the brooches and sunglasses!

    The patent heels look wonderful, I would honestly be too scared to wear them out as I might risk ruining them!!


    • To be honest, they rarely leave the house – they’re too pretty to be subjected to pavements and mud! But I get just as much happiness out of putting them on when no one is around at home. Ordinary things (cleaning, watching a movie) are infinitely more fun when you’re wearing Chanel heels πŸ˜‰

      B xx

  11. Lovely pieces! I’ve always loved CC. She’s top of the list as I also love other brands too, Hermes, Celine and Fendi – worse luck for my wallet…! πŸ™‚

  12. I cannot believe someone stole your 2.55 bag! I would have definitely gone mad if that had been me! I love Chanel – I adore my sunglasses and they are one of my most treasured possessions! Seeing the double “C” is definitely inspiring..iconic..classic..timeless.

    Xo ~ Christy

  13. I can only dream of owning as much Chanel pieces as you! Lovely photographs, which have actually inspired me to work hard so that one day, I will be the very happy owner of at least one Chanel item πŸ™‚


  14. Just wanted to tell you that you have the BEST tumblr. It’s the only one I’ve seen that has original content, which I love. Everyone else just reblogs and reblogs and reblogs, so really, you needn’t follow more than one of those tumblrs because they’re so incestuous. Seen one, seen ’em all. Yours is so different, the photos are well shot, and the subject matter gorgeous.

    • Thank you so much, that means a lot! I adore Tumblr – but completely agree that there is a whole lotta re-blogging going on. I try to live every day as though it’s an adventure, and accumulate so many pictures along the way that never quite make it on to the blog, so it’s the perfect outlet for that.

      B xx

  15. B, I think you captured the spirit of Chanel and of Parisian chic SO perfectly. Really. The reason Chanel is my favorite as well as yours is because the house, from Gabrielle on to her successors, really has created iconic statements of style and fashion since its inception. It’s no wonder that it’s so often imitated, interpreted, and referenced by every other fashion house.

  16. I have the Chanel bag pictured above. Purchased at Harrods a good ten years ago. I hardly wear it. Every girl has one in Paris so it’s perched at the back of my wardrobe now. I have my eyes on an antique/vintage Hermes bag which I spotted at a forthcoming auction;-)

  17. i don’t have an actual investment brand, i more have investment pieces. once i wanted to have a classic everlasting bag: choices: 2.55, YSL, Celine. i have chosen the 2.55. i also wanted a boucle jacket: choices, chanel and louis vuitton. i wanted a chanel one, but it costed me like 6000$ (3000$ on sale). I saw a Louis Vuitton one for 3500$. but LV has no sales, so i went for the LV jacket! and that is how i invest, i take my time and i do my research

  18. I dream of owning a Chanel. I started to save for one a couple of years ago, but ended up using the funds I saved towards a deposit on my house, although I have made a deal with myself to start saving again. Out of curiosity how much are the 2.55’s?

  19. Just found your blog how have I missed it! A 2.55 and flats are on high on the top of my wishlist for the moment until my graduation from university my chanel earrings, perfume and make-up still make me happy.

    Spending around 4 months rent on a bag to me is worth it, if only my friends understood the waulity in expensive purchases!. I do wish you could find the Chanel bag prices without going instore, it does scare me to ask..

    • Ah, a woman after my own heart! There’s no denying that a Chanel 2.55 is expensive, but it is so classic and versatile that I’ve not regretted mine once (despite having to buy it twice after my first one was stolen).

      B xx

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  21. Oh I love this Canel bag, I’m saving money to buy it, what’s the size of yours it’s so cute.

    Sorry for my english I’m a french fan of your blog !

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