Pearls, Pastels & The Secret Garden

One of my favourite things about this summer in Cambridge has been my regular midweek dates with my dear friend S – whom I have known since I was school, and who always seems to end up in the same part of the world as me. Happily, S is a fellow at one of the grandest of the Cambridge colleges, granting her a golden key to one of my favourite secret gardens.

Each time, I cycle over to her college, where we get a very non-grown-up supper (usually comprising little more than ice cream) and retreat to the garden to say hello to the happy bees in their hives and laze about on the emerald green lawns until the golden sun sinks into the trees. I treasure these times, both for the happy summer memories they are creating, and for the idyllic time it allows us away from the frenetic pace of our day jobs.

When I think about it, I’ve been trying to create moments just like these for as long as I can remember. As a child, I used to put on my fairy dresses and spend far too many days sitting amongst the flowerbeds, throwing tea parties for all my friends (both real and imaginary). And try as I might, this garden always invokes in me the same urges. So while fairy dresses no longer seem socially acceptable (honestly, grown-ups just don’t know how to have fun sometimes), I put on my adult equivalent in the form of a sugared almond pink top, twinkly jewels and a dolly bun. The talk these days is usually of men and shoes (rather than ballet and teddies), but sitting there amongst the bumblebees and the hydrangeas in a secret garden that feels all our own, the feeling is just as lovely as childish tea parties.

Wearing: Topshop blouse and trousers, Mulberry bow booties, vintage swarovski necklace, the most perfect rope of pearls (courtesy of Jersey Pearl, and which I have barely taken off in weeks), Michael Kors watch, Mimco bangle, Alex Monroe birdy ring, the smile of a girl who has had her dose of Vitamin D.

I’d love to know how you create your own summer memories and moments of idyllic bliss?

Love, Miss B xx

For those not familiar, Cambridge University is technically comprised of 31 colleges, each of which has a remarkably unique character and spectacular Hogwarts-esque grounds. The oldest and grandest each have their own secret garden, which unless accompanied by a college don, are strictly off-limits to tourists and outsiders. 

30 thoughts on “Pearls, Pastels & The Secret Garden

  1. B… you look absolutely GORGEOUS…. a real beauty among the flowerbeds!! Such a lovely post too.. can picture it all. Love that Topshop blouse and you know how I feel about the Mulberry booties… sigh… xxx

  2. These photos are so incredibly sweet! You look stunning! I’m totally swooning over your massive bun and picture-perfect complexion! I’ve never been to Cambridge but spent many similar afternoon in Oxford. That garden looks beautiful! xx

  3. I attended the University of Toronto which has a mere eight colleges, but each has a very different character.

    Our summer memories are often of lovely, long evenings on our top-floor balcony overlooking the Hudson River. We eat dinner, watch the sun set and the stars come out, sitting by candlelight. It feels like a very good, private restaurant. Which it is!

    I so enjoy your blog posts. They radiate pleasure.

  4. The gardens looks beautiful, and you do too! I always feel a bit envious of people that go to lovely universities like this, mine is nothing like it, I want to feel like I go to Hogwarts haha. Lovely post! 🙂

    • Isn’t it beautiful? And while I don’t actually go to Cambridge myself (I graduated years ago), I happily live vicariously through my friend and boyfriend who are both doing PhDs there.

      B xx

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