The Perfect Lazy Saturday: Brunch, Flower Stalls & Bookshops

You know those perfect weekends where everything feels so utterly lovely and wonderful that it feels as though you’re having one giant romance with your city? Well, last weekend was one of those.

The sun was shining with all it’s might, and even the clouds looked positively bouncy in the cornflower blue sky. There was nothing for it but to put on a smile, a spritz of my beloved Annick Goutal Petite Cherie parfum, and Nouvelle Vague on my ipod (perfect for breezy summer days when I want to pretend I’m actually off to Paris) and make for Notting Hill. There, I met one of my favourite blog friends (and fellow Australian export), Notting Hill Girl, for a day so lovely, not even the usual swarm of noisy tourists clogging up Portobello Road could dampen my glee.

We ambled the length of Portobello Road, stopping to rummage for treasures at stalls selling antique maps, vintage jewels (I’m like a magpie when it comes to tables strewn with twinkly brooches), silverware and trad English preppy accessories (croquet sets and leather satchels just made for Cambridge weekends). We bought armfuls of hydrangeas at the flower stand, crusty loaves of sour dough and Australian TimTams at The Grocer, trawled the shelves of the charming Travel Bookshop (like brooches, I’m powerless against the lure of tiny bookstores, especially when they feature in deliciously cheesy Hugh Grant films), and spoke endlessly of shoes, France, and Australia (a few of my favourite things). Afterwards, we ate brunch (my favourite meal) on the movie set-perfect Westbourne Grove, created our fantasy wardrobes at Whistles and Sandro, and stared longingly at yet more gastronomic porn in the windows of Melt and Ottolenghi (both Ledbury Road). And when all our other senses had had their fill, we skipped off to Aesop and then Diptyque, the grown-up equivalent of magical emporiums for our noses.

And for me, these are pretty much all the ingredients for a perfect lazy Saturday.

What I Wore: French Connection breton-striped top, J Brand skinny jeans, Chanel 2.55 bag, Ash boots, Chloe sunglasses, Michael Kors watch, Mimco bangle, pearls (courtesy of Jersey Peal), and a vintage necklace (aka. my default lazy weekend uniform).

I’d love to know how you spend those perfect weekends?

Love, Miss B xx

32 thoughts on “The Perfect Lazy Saturday: Brunch, Flower Stalls & Bookshops

  1. So glad the photos turned out ok! I’ve been meaning to ask you what perfume you were wearing as I kept getting a whiff of it and it smelt divine (now I know!). Can’t wait for our next day out, was the perfect Saturday xx

    • Oh yes, I LOVE Annick Goutal for summer (Petite Cherie smells like juicy pears and freshly cut grass, but in a sweet French coquettish, rather than cloying teenage way) so that’s what it would have been (topped up with the supply of Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche that I had a sample of in my handbag at the end of the day).

      Can’t wait to do it again!

      B xx

  2. Great photos and I love the flowers. There is always something that makes flowers feel extra special when they are wrapped in brown paper.

  3. Jealous! What a perfectly wonderful day. Not sure I could possibly improve on it. (I stopped buying hydrangeas as they always die on me within hours.)

    I would do pretty much all these things, but here on the Lower East Side of NYC or the West Village. Spaghetti carbonara at Morandi or the homemade guacamole at Toloache, then a long slow wander through the streets and shops. In the fall, I’m dying to finally visit the Brooklyn Flea market.

    If you ever get to NYC, you would likely love Christopher, Ludlow, Rivington and Bleecker streets…and Aedes de Venustas, a perfume store of impossible elegance.

    • How utterly wonderful this sounds! And thank you for the tips – I was in NYC last August and SO excited to be going back at the end of September, so will make a point to do all of these things if I can.

      B xx

  4. Looks absolutely amazing! You’ll be in NYC in Sept? Let’s meet up! I can take your picture :)

    I absolutely adore London. I met my husband there and we’ve since lived there twice. My husband works for a British law firm, so we hope to live there again in a few years- fingers crossed.

    Thanks for popping over to say hello! I’ll be back often to visit yours!

    Ah, London.

  5. Aw, you’ve made me all nostalgic. I work in Notting Hill for 2 years – until February – a minute walk from the station. I used to walk to work every morning. First from Kensal Green which meant walking through Portobello Road every morning and then from Earl’s Court when I moved and walked through Holland Park every morning. Love that area of London. Definitely something movie-like about it all. Do you ever go in the Book & Comic Exchange? One of my fave used bookshops in London…

  6. Oh how you make me miss England! In England my weekends would be similar – but I would swap Westbourne Grove for a browse around the antiques emporium in Hampstead before brunch there and a walk around the Heath. Here in NYC I am developing a weekend routine of a cycle ride, a brunch, then classic movies. Doing very little though – that is what weekends are for…

    Love the colours in the pictures here, you look lovely.

  7. I really like your blog, I added it to my bookmarks before I even started blogging ;D You write really nice, and you always have amazing posts and photos. If you have any spare time, I’d really like to know your opinion about my blog, especially since you have so great blog yourself, please stop by.

    Love, Love, Love :D

  8. There’s nothing more wonderful than the sun shining at the weekend with all Its might and energy. I adore the flowers and I have a fondness for bookshops, too. How lovely you look; so relaxed.
    Am sure you both had a grand time laced with sweet laghter.

  9. Hi Ms B…..i just wanted to say that i am really loving the blog…always checking every morning for updates….love this post. I lived in Shepberds bush for a year not to far from there and i just love how you love the things i love about london and I am currently in Melbourne and started a blog about my time here and well just my general ramblings…..would love to hear what ya think about it. its

    Have a great weekend and maybe a post about your fave beauty be great.


  10. Whenever I see a 2.55 I think of you! You wear yours well, I’m glad you replaced it after the tragic loss – it suits you so much.

    Love the Chloe sunglasses too, big, but not too big – to no surprise, you’ve got it just right.

    Great effortlessly stylish casual look. Sounds like a great Saturday in darling Notting Hill, oh, and the food looks nice too! x

  11. Now that sounds like the perfect way to spend the weekend! I didn’t know you and Dearne knew each other in person; I wish I could meet you girls in London for similar adventures.

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