New York: Ladies Who Lunch & Leafy Streets on the Upper East Side

Whenever I land in New York, I make a beeline for the Upper East Side; home to gossip girls and ladies who lunch, tree-lined streets, glorious art galleries and the kind of apartments that have gloved doormen and a line of chauffeurs waiting outside. So on my first day there, I hopped straight in a car with Nicolette and made for the neighbourhood.

We started with lunch at Fred’s at Barneys, where the rooftop views are breathtaking and the conversations to be overheard are nothing short of entertaining. By way of example, at one point the glossy ladies who lunched at the table beside us where discussing the most glamorous way to have babies, and stated “…if we want Spring/Summer babies, we have to get pregnant right now! I suppose I’d better let him start touching my body…” It was all we could do to contain our hysterical giggling until we burst through the shiny glass doors and onto Madison Avenue (via the shoe department, of course).

After lunch, it was time for a walk uptown via Madison Avenue for some window shopping and a stop at the new Laduree outpost to buy macarons which we ate watching autumn leaves fall beside Central Park and, rather cheesily, whilst peering in the windows of Tiffany’s doing our very best Holly Golightly impressions.

We stopped at the Frick and strolled the residential streets which run off the Park, each lined with a row of shiny porticos and patient doormen, and passed tiny dogs, immaculately-coiffed women with their well-mannered children, tiny salons and private courtyards that we peered into as we dreamed of living in such apartments and throwing garden parties in in the summertime. Oh!

Wearing: Sass and Bide tee, Carven skirt, Prada sunglasses, Michael Kors watch, jewels from Mimco, Jersey Pearl and J.Crew.

Don’t you just treasure those days where you skip about town being a lady of leisure and pretend to live in an entirely different tax bracket?

Love, Miss B xx

30 thoughts on “New York: Ladies Who Lunch & Leafy Streets on the Upper East Side

  1. Haha that is such a funny thing to overhear! Like a real life Gossip Girl situation! Wish I’d pretended to be rich in the UES a lot more when I lived in NYC, all seems so far away now…

  2. Ah, New York! Your photos are lovely. Makes me wish I was back there. Only been once – in the freezing depths of winter but looooved it! So glad you had a fun time, xx

  3. I want to be there right now! It sounds fabulous! I briefly met Nicolette in London at the Evans store at Marble Arch when Beth Ditto was launching her line with them and she was absolutely lovely. Hope you have a great trip! x

  4. You look lovely! You must have fit in perfectly on the upper east side. I love a day spent in the museums, strolling. Central Park and shopping on Madison. So perfect. So glad we finally have a Lauder. Hope you are enjoying the city!!!

  5. Lovely photos. The top with a heart looks. Love shoppinh in NY. Missing those days. It was fun gazing through the glass doors to find out the chic clothes and shoes. Have fun.

  6. Incredible photos, and entry. Makes me miss New York! I agree with you on the tax bracket comment, although I am sure if we had the money we would show those Upper East siders how it’s done! x

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