Australia Day

In honour of it being Australia Day, I thought I’d celebrate the things I love (and miss) the most about that gorgeous corner of the world I call my homeland (for it is all these things, and a wealth of other memories, that have shaped who I am today):

1) Seemingless endless summers (though I don’t miss the associated sunburn, heatstroke and melting face that goes with the 40 degree days) which make it possible to waft about in white cotton dresses and eat mangoes for breakfast for months on end;

2) Hours spent collecting seashells along the whitest beaches I’ve ever come across, warm sand underfoot, and vast stretches of azure blue waters (if you do one thing before you die, make sure you sail around the Whitsundays and swim in the Great Barrier Reef);

3) The fact that our default national attitude is to be laid-back, relaxed and happy (all the sunshine and the tanned, athletic men don’t hurt with this disposition!);

4) The smell of sunscreen and nightly backyard barbeques in the evening all summer long (I don’t even like meat, but one whiff of this smell and I’m instantly transported to my childhood where meals were eaten beneath the shade of trees in our garden on balmy evenings);

5) When the sun eventually does go down in the evening, there is nothing quite as spectacular as the sight of the Southern Stars (I once went camping in the desert and vividly recall the sight of those stars stretching from horizon to horizon, brighter than anywhere I’ve ever seen them before);

6) The sounds of the beach, of the birdsong in the tropical rainforests, of thunderstorms on tin roofs and the haunting strains of a didgeridoo being played;

7) Lazy weekend trips to the beautiful, slow-of-pace wine regions for sunburnt hills, luscious green vines and wines, and unfailingly exceptional food;

8) The most majestical landscape you will ever find. I can think of few other countries that can boast fiery red deserts, tropical rainforests, seas that glint like jewels, and rolling green hills as this proud land does.

Happy Australia Day to all my lovely readers Down Under! Now, I’m off to hunt for some cheese Twisties, a lamington and a Kath and Kim marathon….

Love, Miss B xx

17 thoughts on “Australia Day

  1. Happy Australia Day. I have just been to the Australia shop in Covent Garden to pick up some goodies to share with my family, and I will be making a pavlova for my daughter’s play date on the weekend.

  2. Happy Australia day Miss B! I have the fortune to actually be here in Australia for it this year due to a twist of fate… and I have to admit while walking along the beach this morning and then watching perth’s spectacular sky show I almost had to think twice about going back to NYC!

  3. I am off to Australia this year,and you have got me soooo excited for it now! Whitsundays and GBR is definatley on my to do list! Happy Australia Day

    Suzi x

  4. Wow, Miss B! These gorgeous photos have me wishing for summer: blue skies, rosé wine and ice cream! Never been to Oz but desperately want to go, just not sure about an 8 month baby on a 24 hour flight… seems a bit mean (for both our baby and the other passengers).

    LDNLegalEagle (

  5. Happy Strayla Day! Love this post, it make me want to move up North though! I’m from Melbourne and i can’t remember the last time we had an endless summer. Its more like hunting the days where the temp pushed past 29 and spending the rest of the time in shorts and singlets even though its 24 and windy, because its summer damn it! Love Melbourne though and spending Australia Day at the Aus Open is always huge amounts of fun!

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  8. I’ m instantly homesick while reading this post and I’m not even an Aussie, just a Swiss woman that used to live down under!

    Love your blog !!!

  9. Hi Ms. B
    I love all your posts. You have an amazing sense of fashion and am inspired by it. Where is that scarf you have wrapped around you from. It’s so cute. Please reply

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