Christian Louboutin’s Illustrated Artistry

Fact: I’m a shoe girl. From the moment I slipped on my first pair of ballet shoes (and felt like a sugar plum fairy) to the first pair of Marc Jacobs shoes I saved and saved and saved for, I’ve believed in the transformative powers a good pair of shoes can posses. But I’m not talking about the sort of footwear I wear every day to run around town (though they certainly have their merits), but the kind of shoes they are so beautiful, you dream about them on your way to work and buy them even if you can’t really walk in them just so you can sit them on your bookshelf, atop mantlepieces and within bell jars for all the world to see (and, on very special occasions, slip them on for your own Cinderella moment at a wonderful party).

And no one creates shoe art quite like Monsieur Christian Louboutin. Since the moment I saw a flash of that red sole on a chic Madamoiselle in Paris many years ago, I’ve been having a love affair with his creations. For here is a man who understands that sometimes, a woman just needs a silk bow on her slippers or a pair of high heels adorned with a thousand crystals to make her feel ever so slightly more wonderful.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the brand, Christian Louboutin has designed a capsule collection (twenty styles of shoes and six bags) which pays tribute to his most iconic styles in that time. He so kindly sent me his own illustrations of some of his favourites from the collection (I did squeal a little when I opened them), so I just had to share them here with you all. So until I can afford a whole shoe wardrobe filled with his designs, I shall quite happily settle for his framed illustrations upon my walls.

Thank you Mr Louboutin for the wonderful illustrations (the most perfect birthday present a shoe girl could ask for!)

I’d love to hear about your favourite shoe stories!

Love, Miss B xx

The Christian Louboutin capsule collection will be available from an exclusive Selfridges pop-up store from 27th February, and from Louboutin stores worldwide from March. Sign up to the Louboutin Facebook page for more updates and general shoe-related loveliness. 


8 thoughts on “Christian Louboutin’s Illustrated Artistry

  1. I am squealing on your behalf! I do own a few pairs of Louboutins (love love love LOVE them!), however unfortunately Monsieur Christian Louboutin is yet to send me stuff 😛 lol- I think for the time being I will have to live vicariously through you! xo

  2. Hi Miss B

    Wow, how lucky are you!! I’m very fortunate to have a pair of Loubies and they are totally responsible for transforming any outfit I wear, they are amazing shoes.

    Have to say as well I’m totally addicted to your blog and when that happens I have to read every post thats been written, I’m somewhere in mid 2010 at the moment. It’s whenever I get a quiet hour or so to myself with some dark Seasalt chocolate and I’m in heaven! The way you write so honestly and openly finds me saying out loud, ‘yes, I know exactly what you mean.’!!

    My hubby to be is feeling all neglected with my new girly crush, but boys don’t get our female adoration thing in the blogging world, do they! Hehe

    Esther xx

  3. Christian Louboutin does design the most amazing heels. I remember when I first tried on a pair, I was amazed that I could actually walk in them. What a lovely gift.

  4. Fab drawings!
    I love Christian Loubouttin’s shoes and have to confess I have splurged on them over the last years or so. My favourite though remain the iconic Very Prive Patent open toes in Black and Nude. Love!
    what I love even more is that I can actually WALK in them 🙂
    bisous bisous

  5. My first memory is shoe and shopping related! My Mum had loaded up the back of my buggy with too much shopping, and it tipped over, leaving me stranded on my back and admiring my navy canvas Doodles shoes with red piping and embroidered anchors on the toes. They looked a bit like these:

    To this day I have a great love of all things nautical and anchor themed, so they made quite an impression!

    Now I live and work in NYC, I trot around in heels all the time, and I WISH I could afford Louboutins…maybe one day…

  6. I think I would have fainted had I received a package from Mr Louboutin! How do I get on that mailing list?! 😉 Just as his shoes are, his illustrations are divine! What a fabulous thing to share!

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