London Fashion Week: Giles Spring/Summer ’12

It’s that time of year again: Fashion Week is rolling into all the fashion capitals and I am so excited to say I’ll again be taking a few days leave from the day job to go to London Fashion Week.*

To get in the spirit of things (ie. sleep deprivation and high heel torture mixed with the thrill of being at the shows beside my fashion heroes), I’ve spent the afternoon looking through all my photos from last season. Which is when I realised that despite having had the privilege to attend all my favourite London shows (Mulberry, Burberry, Erdem, Giles, Mary Katrantzou, Jonathan Saunders and Christopher Kane), I haven’t yet shared any of my photos other than on my Tumblr photo diary, which is just plain selfish of me.

Set in the looming Victorian Gothic Royal Courts of Justice, Giles’ Spring/Summer ’12 show was the kind of spectacle that beautifully blurred the distinction between fashion and theatre. From feathered silk swan lake-print gowns and laser cut silver leather skirts to show-stopping crimson concoctions and brocade ballerina dresses; these were not the kind of clothes you to be worn in any ordinary setting. Oh no, these are clothes that simply yearn to be taken to the sort of grand balls that take place in Versailles and end with fireworks, clothes to be worn to the opera by mavens who live in palatial estates, clothes to make indelible memories in.

We don’t all have the kind of life that warrants a wardrobe this triumphant (one can dream…), but that does not make Giles Deacon’s sartorial tour de force  any less wonderful. I’m not sure about you, but I’ve never been one to let reality get in the way of a beautiful vision.

Do you follow Fashion Week? Which shows are you most looking forward to this season?

Love, Miss B xx

* From this Friday 17th – Tuesday 22d, I’ll be attending all my favourite shows on the London scene. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram (iPhone) and Facebook for all my live updates!

15 thoughts on “London Fashion Week: Giles Spring/Summer ’12

  1. hey Miss B,

    A fellow Aussie here just wanting to say a big THANK YOU for all the times you’ve made me smile in the month since I’ve stumbled across your blog. It’s been a hard year for me, and as someone whose heart once soared just like yours for the small things in life, your beautiful photos, musings, and spirit have helped me to feel less numb and to start trusting in those small things again. In short, you make me happy, and that is a precious, precious thing when one knows what it’s like to be without it.

    I hope this year is even more wonderful for you that the last.

    • Firstly, hello! Lovely to have you around. And thank you so much for your sweet message, I’m so pleased that it is helping you to smile and find solace in the small pleasures in life. Hope everything cheers up for you soon, but I’m always happy to help spread some cheer!

      B xx

  2. Isn’t it such a gorgeous collection? And oh my, she looks beautiful! The red silk and silver leather lasercuts were actually my favourite (I just didn’t manage to get any crisp shots of these, sadly).

    B xx

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