The Biscuiteers of London

I don’t know about you, but there are few things that make me smile in this digital age quite like receiving a really good package in the mail.

Recently, instead of the usual acknowledgement email or notecard, a lovely person sent me a gingerbread biscuit dressed like Her Majesty as a thank you card. It was so cute (and such a lovely surprise) that I nearly squealed with glee when I opened the package (and then smiled the whole way through eating her, with a cup of tea of course – it’s the only fitting way for a Queen to go). I may be a bit of a food snob, but there’s something so wonderfully silly about food that doesn’t take itself too seriously. 

I thought the idea (surprise edible thank you gifts) was so cute, I tweeted Biscuiteers to tell them. They so kindly sent me one of their Paris tins (regular readers will know how most things French make me swoon), and I couldn’t help but literally “oooh!” out loud when I opened it to find little chocolate iced Eiffel Towers, Moulin Rouge can can girls, and so on.

Because they’re (almost) too cute to eat, they warrant being savoured a little. So one rainy Sunday, the Clever Boyfriend and I decided to make the day a little more fun and made a pot of tea, set the table, put on Midnight in Paris and threw a little mini French tea party (any excuse really) just for ourselves, with these adorable biscuits in place of cake. They are just the right side of fun and silly, sweet but not saccharine, and such a cute idea for next time a friend deserves a ‘thank you’ or a little surprise mail to make them smile.

Thank you Barbara and Biscuiteers for the happy surprises to make me smile!

Do you love getting good packages in the mail as much as me?

Love, Miss B xx

38 thoughts on “The Biscuiteers of London

  1. Ooh, I love these! I was given the exact same tin from my sister in law as a gift. So gorgeous – it took me ages to get around to eating them, because I spent too long just looking at them with joy. Still, once I started, they vanished pretty quickly. Now I have that lovely tin to use – would love to know what you’ll do with yours as mine is currently standing empty which just won’t do…

  2. Aah, so cute! (I also love how you styled the photos with the HM cookie.) I will definitely be spending more time than I should on the Biscuiteers website. And they have international shipping! Oh, dear.

  3. So, so happy to hear you enjoyed your tea with Her Royal Majesty! While in London last week I went to Selfridges and stocked up on Biscuiteers myself. I even got some ginger Royal Guards:I hope they won’t try and stop me from splashing my Queen in Earl Grey! 😉

  4. I love Biscuiteers! They do great biscuit “greeting cards” too which I love sending on a special occasion – for good luck or congratulations or an anniversary – any excuse! They are just singles of the perfect little biscuits in your tin, sent with a personalised note. SO good!
    p.s. I’m a little bit late to the party, but your new blog design is so lovely – congrats!!

  5. You know what’s weird? I was literally just on browsing through John Lewis’s kitchen looking for a suitable mother’s day gift and then I read this, think I’ve found what I was looking for! This is just too cute, I’ve just been on the site, there are too many cute things to choose from!! XX

  6. Wow! These are amazing. I want them in my life 😉 Like you said, it’s kind of a shame to have to eat them but the tins are gorgeous too and any excuse for a tea party for two!

  7. I was only just looking at these the other day! They look amazing, I adore the Jubilee collection – I am leaving London at the end of April so feeling truly patriotic, may have to purchase!! Xx

  8. Oh my goodness B they are almost too beautiful to eat…I did say almost as I’m sure that between SC and I we could polish off the lot! There should be far more frivolous food in the world I feel! xxx

  9. Omg, i’ve not visited your blog in a while but boy, i am loving the blog’s new face lift!!!!!!!!! Everything looks soooooooooooooooooo cute!!!=D I especially love your header with those designer bags on the upper corner.

    And how cute are those biscuits? awwwwwwwwwwwww….love it!!! Truly too pretty to be eaten, lol.

    Must admit, it’s so good to catch up with your blog again,hehe

    Have a fab weekend darling!!!!


  10. What a great surprise and such a fun idea! It makes the “thank you” seem so much more meaningful and personal! What a beautiful box they came in as well!

  11. Wow, I’ve never heard of this company before, so thanks for introducing them to me! I will definitely get something from them when given the chance.

  12. You’re right, this is so cute, and so touching that they took the time to do it. You don’t see many brands getting it so right do you? Thanks for sharing.

    Sarah Betty xx

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