Recent Treasures

I love the act of treasure hunting; of collecting new finds – large and small – which make us smile. The arrival (at last) of warmer days and springy loveliness has me instinctively moving outdoors and foraging for flowers, smiles, and twinkly trinkets along the way.

Here are a few of my newest treasures to have found their way into my home: the perfect little blush pink patent bag and creamy bow heels from Mulberry (regular readers will know how I love the brand so) that make me feel instantly more summery when I slip them both on; a new gilded edition of one of my favourite books (the perfect story to read whilst lounging on grassy riverbanks beneath the shade of a tree); a new fragrance (and matching shower gel) that smells like a summer garden in a bottle; Chanel’s shimmery peach sorbet-coloured FrissonΒ for my nails; playful brooches and precious charm necklaces which have already been on high rotation since joining my jewellery box.

Top-Bottom: Mulberry ‘Lily’ bag; Jennifer Loiselle ‘oui’ brooch from Bottica; The Great Gatsby; Philosophy ‘Summer Grace’ perfume; vintage gold present bow brooch (found on ebay), Alex Monroe gold lucky clover charm necklaceΒ (a gift from the Clever Boyfriend) and diamond heart necklace from Anjolee; Chanel ‘Frisson’ nail polish; Mulberry bow heels.

What treasures have you been collecting?

Love, Miss B xx

43 thoughts on “Recent Treasures

  1. Your styling is just lovely, Ms B, and what a fabulous collection of treasures. The vintage gold present bow brooch is incredible. I’d love to know what search terms you used to get find that. xx

    • Thank you so much lovely! Knew the brooch had to be mine the instant I saw it (I was just searching for vintage bow brooch I think on one of my frequent late-night ebay trawls)

      B xx

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