Riding on Pashleys with Flowers

Whichever way I look at it, this has been a hectic few weeks (sincere apologies for the slowdown on this blog as a result). Even though I had zero wiggle room in my (already exploding) schedule, I decided there was a definite need for a little detour. So on Friday night, I called up my best friend for a mini-girl date (an hour was all we could both manage), hopped on my Pashley and cycled over to her side of town*. I had slipped on my new Mulberry heels and bag (it’s almost impossible to frown when you have bows on your toes and a blush pink handbag), put on a new favourite dress that Wheels & Dollbaby so kindly sent me (I always love sartorial displays of affection for Australia and this dress, in that shape I love to much, is simply perfect for twirls and bicycle rides and picnics under trees), and added this Moschino heart print silk scarf (that’s usually a watch) that my trans-atlantic soul sister sent me for extra smile points.

Such an outfit seemed to call for flower-buying and making silly jokes over coffee and cycle rides with my Brigette Bardot in my ears. And just like that, I was immeasurably less stressed and my spirits had lifted.

Proof that we can’t avoid hectic moments, but that there is always time for evening bicycle rides with friends and flowers and shoes that make us smile and dresses that make us want to twirl. Wearing: Wheels & Dollbaby dress, Mulberry Lily bag, Mulberry bow heels, Asos metallic belt, Michael Kors watch, Moschino scarf (worn on wrist), Mimco necklace. 

So tell me, what do you do when you need emergency smiles in a hectic week?

Love, Miss B x

* I love that everywhere in Cambridge is accessible via a five minute bike ride. 

Thank you Sarah for the smiles and photos!

42 thoughts on “Riding on Pashleys with Flowers

  1. Firstly, I need to come to Cambridge. Seconldy, I need to get a bike. Thirdly, you look so so pretty, I am cooing all over your outfit, that dress is super cute xx

  2. Are you kidding me with that picture of you on your bike in front of the phone booths?! You are adorable.

    What a lovely blog you have.

    FEST (food, style & travel)

  3. What a gorgeous way to get some ‘happy time’ into your schedule 🙂 The dress is beautiful, I went straight to the website but sadly it’s a touch out of my price range. I bet they sell out now!! Wishing you a calmer rest of the week xxx

  4. This post made me smile. I love your dress, shoes, and especially the pink bag. So cute! You are so right about not being able to avoid hectic moments, but taking a little time to spend with a friend is the best medicine for a stressful day. (Chocolates and old movies help too, by the way..)
    Love your bike and those flowers are beautiful.
    Great post!

    Danielle xo

  5. *gasps* That bag…those shoes…love love love! You look gorgeous in these pics B – so great and love the phone boxes! You are becoming the English country garden poster girl! xxx

  6. Oh I love that dress on you and can imagine that your day was sufficiently better after a bike ride and looks like you had great weather for it too. xx

  7. I too share your love of cycling around Cambridge. I often find myself smiling at the architecture, people and green spaces. SO lucky to live here. My favourite place for a pick me up is Fudge Kitchen on Kings Parade – definitely worth a bike trip too. I have to say though, I look far less glam on my bike, especially in this wind and rain! Love your blog x

  8. oh gosh this post, actually most of your posts, is so magical. you look absolutely beautiful and that dress really does call for twirling and picnics!
    and I don’t really even think words are needed for those shoes and your purse, both so pretty 🙂
    I live in Canada where being within 5 minutes of anyone is really not possible unless they’re your neighbour. So meeting up with friends is very difficult and has to be set up in advance. To lift my spirits if I’m down or stressed I go for a run! it works like a charm 🙂

  9. Oh B this is gorgeous, you look delightful! I have major bike, shoe and handbag envy I must admit! Hope the next few weeks bring you more time for such moments. Its always amazing how much good even a small break can do isn’t it?

  10. You look so tan in these photos, which can’t be possible considering the weather!! You look lovely by the way, I love Wheels & Dollbaby, I only own a cardigan but I do need more of it in my life.

  11. I’m sorry you had such a stressful week!! When I’m sad and stressed out I take a walk in the park or go out with my friends 🙂
    I love these pics and your mulberry!!

  12. I needed this post in my life right now. I’m really trying to balance the big things, with appreciating the small things and not getting too wrapped up in everything.

    Your Mulberry is quite lovely, as are you.

    Sarah Betty xx

  13. So pretty! I can’t thank you enough actually for introducing me to Pashley’s 🙂 A few years back I passed a bike shop (pashley shop?) on Bloomsbury Street and fell in love without knowing what these beautiful creatures were, sadly I was in too much of a rush to a meeting to stop and really look. Skip forward several years of bicycle dreaming and I discovered A Girl A Style and therefor found out that the delicious bikes were indeed Pashley’s.
    A few weeks ago I finally bought one and cannot tell you how happy it makes me too! Popping to the village for flowers and milk is a regular errand for me now and I even managed an envigorating 5 mile lunch time ride between blogging sessions last week.
    Plus, with only three gears and living in hilly Hampshire I’m expecting great thighs any time now 😉

    Hoping you enjoy it always!
    Em x

  14. Just discovered your cute blog. Love the dress. I love to keep an eye out for gorgeous thing, and can’t help but think why isn’t a girl in Cambridge on a BegBicycle? You would LOVE the colours and vintage style.

  15. Why don’t I look that good when I’m stressed? ;o)

    But when I am, if it’s first thing in the morning and I’m working I find that cycling to my shop in Cambridge and then putting on a CD by Manu Chao or someone else that does happy sunny music works for me!

    Great blog Miss B, thanks for the post


  16. Your blog makes me want ot drop everything and hop on the next plane to England! You look so elegant with your dress and flowers and the bike is a classic touch =)

  17. Hey B,
    Considering who I’ve worked for for the last 18 months, to my shame, I had never been to Cambridge…until yesterday! The place is beautiful and once I’d got my head around how to cross a road without being run down by someone on a bike (most of which were just like yours I noted!), it was a beautiful place to be on a sunny Sunday afternoon to meet up with family. Never have a I been into such a huge Cath Kidston shop or had the choice of so many hand crafted necklaces in one market. I am quite envious of your wonderful city. It has quite the buzz but equally an incredibly peaceful vibe. I have no questions about how you find inspiration for your pretty photos on this blog any longer!
    Em x

  18. I have been thinking about buying a Mulberry Lily since they first hit the shops a couple of years ago, but was always worried they would look a bit small and silly…now that I’ve seen it on you I am totally convinced. It looks amazing and that is absolutely the perfect colour. To Mulberry I go!

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