How To: DIY Pastel Neon Crystal Necklace

As anyone who follows me on Instagram will attest, I’m always collecting jewellery. This season it’s all about the neon crystal necklaces, adding a fun pop of colour a bright collar can add to an otherwise simple outfit. And while I love the versions like this by Tom Binns, Shorouk, Dannijo, Mawi, et. al. I don’t want to pay hundreds of pounds for something that won’t be perennially classic.

So the other weekend when it was so rainy that there was nothing for it but to make my own fun indoors, I took to my jewellery box to make my own version (it is so easy you can do it while watching a single episode of Sex and the City). To DIY you’ll need:

1. Crystal necklace (find a basic one at H&M or similar, or find a vintage version on ebay  for just a few pounds – search ‘vintage rhinestone necklace’ to find a gem of your own);
2. Opaque nailpolish (I used Nails Inc in ‘Wimbledon’ – a pastel neon yellow) & a clear topcoat nailpolish;
3. That’s it!Simply give your necklace a polish with a soft cloth, lay it flat on a surface (if you are cautious, you can lay it over paper to catch any drips and tape the ends down to keep it secure) and carefully paint the face of each stone as though you are giving yourself a manicure (you’ll want quite a bit of polish on the brush for a good coverage). Repeat with a second coat so that the colour is even and flawless, and allow to dry for at least ten minutes. Finish with a clear polish topcoat and leave to dry overnight.

Et voila! My own neon necklace in the exact shade I wanted, and for less than £10. I’ve been wearing mine almost non-stop for a few weeks now, and the colour is still perfect and hasn’t transferred onto any clothes (a common problem with spray-painted versions). I think glossy black, candy pink and pastel violet versions are in order next.Will you give this a go? Do report back if so with your own versions!

Love, Miss B xx


37 thoughts on “How To: DIY Pastel Neon Crystal Necklace

  1. I love this! I’m as obsessed with pastel and neon vintage crystal necklaces as you are and you literally have answered all my prayers haha. Thanks B you’re amazing. xxxx

  2. Oh B, why didn’t you post this earlier? I bought a diamante headband last week and painted it in antique pink jewellery paint, I could’ve used my pink nail varnish for this…..arghhhhhh.

  3. Love this idea B – so clever! And quite therapeutic I would imagine, sitting quietly painting all those stones. Though I think I would have to attempt it without the aid of SC – already imagining the mess! xx

  4. Oh it is so pretty! I’m in love with the one I did a while ago, and like you I want to make so many more! I hope we’ll see it in an outfit post some time soon

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  6. I was thinking about doing this! I had a necklace ready and yet was way too lazy to go and buy spraypaint…haha. I suppose you could always take it off with nailpolish remover & change the colour if you got reaaaaally bored with it 🙂

  7. This might be the coolest DIY I’ve seen in a while! Love love. I am going to have to try this. I always thought nailpolish was a multi-tasker.

  8. This is amazing! I have some similar bracelets that I’ll never wear because they look really cheap, but I can totally transform them now! Love it!

  9. Amazing post, this is such a nifty idea. I’m definitely going to get a cheap diamante necklace and do this DIY … whilst watching an episode of Sex and the City .. hehe

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  13. Omg I love this! This necklace is gorgeous and it will look amazing with an outfit I have in mind! Where can you get a necklace like this though?

  14. Hellooo… thanks for the tutorial. I really love this idea. Question, will alcohol change the color of the paint? If you are wearing perfume will it change the color over time?

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