Dreams of Paris

I think a piece of my heart must surely belong in France. Whenever skies are grey, or a case of the ‘blahs’ strikes (that drab feeling you can’t quite place), a little dose of Paris is always the cure. And because persistent rain has thwarted all my plans for outdoor fun, this weekend is all about my favourite french movies, books, food and music in honour of Bastille Day.

Of course, all of this French-enthusiasm has me dreaming of the month I plan to spend in Paris next spring. I plan to rent a tiny apartment (preferably one with a little balcony, wooden floorboards, and view over the rooftops of Paris), spend my days feeding my brain at French class, and my afternoons feeding my soul with the wonders of the city. I’ll loiter on the Left Bank for cerebral pleasures, eavesdropping on modern French philosophers debating over strong coffee at the Cafe de Flore before a trip to Shakespeare and Co and the vintage booksellers that line the Seine.

I’ll listen to the jazz musicians on the bridges and the chic soundtrack at the Hotel Costes. I’ll ride a velib, take a dance class on the banks of the Seine, hop on the metro and walk and walk and walk all over the city.

I’ll buy cheese and flowers and strawberries at the market, have picnics in my favourite gardens , take one too many trips to Laduree and Pierre Herme and learn to appreciate red wine.I’ll window shop on the grand boulevards, hunt for treasures at the flea markets, add a souvenir from Chanel to my collection and rummage for vintage in Le Marais. I’ll pack just my favourite clothes, and pick up sartorial tips from the chic ladies (and cute French boys) who pass me on the street.

I’ll stop to admire the spring flowers, remember to look up at the architecture, and trawl through galleries and museums. I’ll climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower (because no matter how many times I do it, it always makes me smile) and kiss beneath it’s twinkly lights at nightfall. I’ll take a moment at the Sacre Coeur and skip down the steps at Montmartre. I’ll float down the Seine and gaze up at the sunset, which always seems a little more golden in Paris.

But most of all, I’ll have an adventure.What are your favourite French things? Do you dream of Paris as I do?

Love, Miss B xx


52 thoughts on “Dreams of Paris

  1. Oh My! I think I just visited Paris for a couple minutes while reading your post. So artfully written it transported me to Paris! I think I have to agree with everything you mentioned, Paris is eternally beautiful and when I visit next (hopefully next year) I will be trawling the flea markets for vintage delicacies and devouring Tart Tartin’s from Laduree. I love the book sellers on the banks of the Siene and always pick up a couple new treasures.

  2. What a beautiful post! I am planning to go sometime next spring and I cannot wait. My Paris favorites are long meandering walks with no real destination, afternoons at the Muse d’Orsay, macaroons at Laduree, browsing in Fauchon, exploring the Shakespeare and Co book store followed by lunch in the cafe next door, shopping at Printemps, and my list goes on!

  3. Oh I love Paris so much and dream of it regularly! I think spending a month renting a tiny apartment like the one you envision is about as close to heaven as a girl can get 😉 Dreaming of Paris myself now!

  4. Oh, how I would love to spend a whole month exploring that magical city – from fashion and books to culture and coffee. And I completely agree with Dana – I crave for walks without a destination, especially through a city so vibrant and full of discovery.
    Fabulous post – I think you allowed us to escape for just a moment.

  5. I do miss Paris — every day! All my life has been spent roving, and never has there been such a city that I feel homesick for. I miss rolling out of bed at Crillon, having afternoon coffee at Cafe Napoleon, and eating at Chez Flotes (or Grand Colbert, or Zoe, or le Zimmer). I miss the stalls on the Left Bank, and sandwiches in Jardin du Luxembourg. So glad to get reports that someone else is doing these things!

  6. I visited Paris twice during my study in Italy. The Left Bank left a great impression upon me. I will always dream about it, the sidewalk vendors, the Shakespeare Book Store, how lively it is during nighttime… the list goes on!

    The Eiffel Tower will never cease to amaze me.. J’adore!

  7. I don’t dream of Paris, but my home in Northern France all the time when I’m in London; the food, the coast, the fish markets, the cobbled streets of St Malo…

  8. Right that’s it I must go to Paris this year!! Can you believe that I’ve never been?! I think I’ve been waiting for a romantic offer which sadly has not yet arrived but from reading your post it sounds you can make your own romance with a beautiful city.

    Is there a particular time of year when Paris is at its best?


  9. This is such a wonderful post! I want to be there. A friend and I are going next spring for a long weekend. Our plan is going to be to stay away from the touristy parts as much as possible and experience the real Paris, the parts where the Parisians go, where they eat, drink and shop. I can’t wait to explore.

  10. …and now you have me dreaming of Paris too! Your post transported me there instantly – so beautiful! I will be living vicariously through you next spring and planning a weekend trip with Mr OLS hopefully very soon! Gorgeous pictures and words as ever B! xxx

  11. I can’t believe you’re going to live in France for a month, that’s amazing!! It’s so exciting to see you checking off things from your checklist, leaving me truly inspired!!


  12. Oh I love Paris, I went when I was younger but haven’t visited since. I would love to go back and just explore the little boutiques and cafes all day xoxo

  13. Dreaming of Paris is pretty much a daily thing for me! It is hands down my favorite city in the world! I cannot wait to hear about your month long adventure there!

  14. Paris is a city I think you cannot help but fall in love with. There is something alive, and all very romantic about the streets. The atmosphere is electric.

    The mix of the chic people, the beautiful old style buildings, and contemporary constructions creates the perfect juxtaposition – it is a backdrop. A perfect backdrop for adventures, and I have no doubt your month in Paris will be a great adventure!

    Love Paris, it’s very you. Oh, and there’s never such a thing as too much Ladurée.

  15. I’ve dreamed of visiting Paris since I was a little girl. I have yet to see it come true but I’m not loosing the faith. I would just be happy shopping, sipping coffee at a chic cafe and listening to jazz =) That’s my dream in a nutshell.

  16. Ahhh Paris! I think we all want to visit the city of blinding lights. This is very inviting post to make one want to get up and make those travel plans asap.

    Best – Christy

  17. I am actually not that in love with Paris as much as Provance, but reading this I can totally imagine the bliss you describe. Wonderful, heartfelt post. And so cool to spend some time there, I look forward to your posts. :-))



  18. ohhh, my thoughts exactly. Oh I would do anything to hop on the train right now, and really get to know paris. I love the place, but feel I need to explore more. until then I will live it through you 🙂

    Suzi x

  19. wow. I visited Paris once in 2008, I was there for work with my former boss and did not have a great experience…I definitely felt looked down upon for being a “naive american”. I told myself that I wouldn’t go back and give the city another chance…but you just transported me back to when I dreamed about the beautiful place, amazing archeticture, and yummy food. so I think you helped me change my mind!

  20. Love it, I am an Australian, living in Singapore, learning French and I dream of Paris all the time, thanks for sharing, must get back there soon.

  21. Ah, such a beautifully written daydream! You’ve made me want to go to Paris as well. I just want to travel anywhere. I’ve never been outside of the US, even to go to Mexico or Canada, and I’d love to have an adventure somewhere faraway and grand.
    I love your pictures. They’re gorgeous!

  22. Ah, your blog is forever giving me wanderlust. I’m an absolute Francophile. Macarons are one of my favourite things ever. Can’t wait to visit Paris when I’m in Europe in September. You’ve given me so much more to dream about. Thanks for this beautiful post. x

  23. I love this post! When I finally do get to Paris someday I want to do it like you! Love your photos! Amazing! : )

    Danielle xo

  24. I love Paris too! I fell in love with this city after spending three days there. That was like an enchantement 🙂 I loved the French, French culture etc, I wanted to visit many places in France (and I still do) but I had no special feelings about Paris before that trip. But now it takes a special place in my heart 🙂
    Can’t wait to visit it again (probably in spring). I want walking down the streets, sitting in beautiful parks with some delicious things, watching people and listening the language, taking photographs, looking from the Eiffel Tower at the city lights in evenings, thinking about something and enjoying the atmosphere of the city… And shopping, of course 🙂

    P.S.: you have a wonderful blog, so inspiring!

  25. I think that Paris has magic powers. Amazing powers, because, is there a person on earth who would not want to go to Paris. I can`t imagine there is. The city ooses that special romantic vibe like in fairytales and love stories. Yes, I have said how I love London in one of my previous comments (see, I can`t get enough of your blog), but Paris is like another galaxy. Maybe if I were to visit, I would change my mind. There is something fullfiling and soothing in inspiring things conected to Paris and France, the books, the music, the ways of people… just like you said it in your post. some day… maybe… until then.. a girl can dream….

  26. I do! I do dream of Paris, I do! I practically shed a tear reading this. It’s everything I love about Paris. Thank you for letting me parttake in this lovely Paris dream. It will be the loveliest 5 minutes I spend in the office today.

    Kisses from Los Angeles!

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  28. I dream of Paris! One day i wish to live there. To fall in love under the light of the Eiffel Tower. I dream of perhaps owning a small cafe or chocolate shop like in one of my favourite films, Chocolat. I adore the french style: berets, breton tops – the works. I wish this dream can become reality. xxx

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