Sleepy Hollow, New York

I’m just back from New York, and it was nothing if not an adventure! The unexpected arrival of a certain Hurricane Sandy may have put a stop to the majority of my plans (instead, my NYC BFF Nicolette & I basically had a four-day slumber party in her perfect Williamsburg apartment), but we did manage to cram in a few adventures on either side of the storm.

Top of my list for this trip had been an autumnal day trip somewhere on the East Coast; I didn’t mind where, so long as the leaves were orange, the scenery picturesque and the activities centred around idyllic American ‘fall’ fun. Which is how we came to spend the weekend before Hallowe’en in the town of Sleepy Hollow in upstate New York.

I hadn’t actually realised that Sleepy Hollow (of the Headless Horseman legend) was an actual place until Nicolette suggested it as the destination for our roadtrip. Now, I’ve always been practically obsessed by Hallowe’en (given it is barely recognised in Australian and England, I’m rather fascinated by the American-centric tradition), but when we pulled into the town I got so worked up in excitement I actually squealed.

The little town of Sleepy Hollow needs none of my rose-tined romanticising, for it was so hauntingly charming all on its own. Every surface seemed covered with the confetti of fallen flame-coloured autumn leaves, each lampost and wooden porch decorated with scarecrows and spiderwebs and candlelit jack-o-lanterns, while costumed trick-or-treating children criss-crossed the little streets.

We visited haunted cemeteries, and the house where Washington Irving (author of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and some say the founding father of American fiction) spent his days, and watched dramatic performances of haunted tales, and threw ourselves in giant piles of crunchy leaves (that someone had so kindly raked into leafy mountains that were practically begging to be jumped in), and picked pumpkins from the patch, and drank apple cider and ate s’mores and candy corn and stroked black kitties that crossed our paths in the garden – and generally relished in all the wonderful Hallowe’en traditions I’ve ever wanted to try – until the stars twinkled in the dark sky overhead.

Thank you Nicolette and Sara and Sleepy Hollow for fulfilling all my autumnal and Hallowe’en fantasies!

Wearing: Opening Ceremony cat sweater (the best gift from Nicolette which I’m completely obsessed with; now sold out, but similar style here), Uniqlo Oxford shirt, Camilla and Marc dress (worn as skirt), Chanel handbag, Marc Jacobs chain belt, Ash boots, Mimco necklace, ring and cuffs, Zara sunglasses, bow headband from Tokyo (similar style here), MAC ‘Ruby Woo’ lipstick.

I’d love to hear what seasonal activities you have been enjoying in your corner of the world!

Love, Miss B xx

* Thank you to everyone who sent kind/concerned messages during the hurricane!

Thank you Nicolette for helping with these photos!


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  1. I’m in Los Angeles, not London for a change during the holiday season this year, and while I’m not really getting into all the American ‘Fall’ things, I’m going to put extra effort into doing Christmassy things in December, especially as this is the first year I’m not spending it at my parents house in the country, in a house full of baking, in front of the wood fire with a massive tree. I’ve set myself the challenge of getting super festive and make spending the holidays alone in my apartment not suck!

    Glad you and Nicolette survived Sandy!

  2. So glad you managed to find time to enjoy your trip and above all that you guys stayed safe during the storm.
    The pictures are sooo fun!
    Makes me miss fall…wish we had some seasonal changes in Miami.

  3. Ahh I’m glad you still managed to have a good time, your tweets were so positive! I really am tempted to live in NYC again, been mulling it over for a while, maybe 2013 is the year! Really wish I’d bought your sweater whilst it was still in stock.

  4. I’m glad you weren’t affected by Sandy and that you had such a lovely road trip. How cute is your outfit by the way?!?! 🙂
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  5. i had the exact same reaction, no idea that it was an actual city! i loved this post on nicolette’s blog and i love it on your blog too! about that slumber party, what sandy did is horrifying and terrible, but a cosy slumber party isn’t so bad either. love the fact that your outfit is more or less the same style as nicolette’s outfit and i love what you did with the belt

  6. It’s the perfect time to visit the east coast (aside from Sandy) I love the beautiful colours of “Fall” I visited my friend in Boston at this time of year and loved driving down the highways filled with golden trees!
    Love the cat jumper too and who knew Sleepy Hollow was an actual pace! Thanks for sharing x

  7. Such beautiful photos (as usual!). I am going to New York in a couple of weeks and Sleepy Hollow may just make it onto the itinerary now.

    We are definitely going to Williamsburg and I wonder if you could recommend some must-sees or – even better – do a post on Williamsburg?!

  8. These photos are beautiful. Fall is such a great time of the year with the falling leaves and changing temperatures. My sister and I love to go apple picking and bake all sorts of yummy autumn goodies. I love your sweater and booties! Your blog is adorable… so glad I stumbled upon it!

    xo, Peyton

  9. Such a lovely feast for the eyes this morning – beautiful photos of you B! Nicolette knows you so well – that jumper was surely made for you. I adore autumn leaves and usually the one to jump in before Junior Child does! xx

  10. I love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing! I’m from upstate NY but am now living in Australia, so this post stirs many fond memories. I so miss the leaves changing color, the cool crisp nights, the apple cider…But my dad did send us a huge bag of candy corn, which seems to taste better now than it ever did before. Funnily enough Halloween seems to be gaining momentum in our neighborhood in the just over two years we’ve been here. Although everyone who stops at our door for treats is always amazed that we’ve carved a real pumpkin. This year I am both dreaming of the land of my birth at this time of year, and trying to embrace the anticipation of a hot summer and Christmas down under.

  11. You are gorgeous girl! Love your smile! Just found your blog & will definitely be returning.
    Following you now and hope you can follow me back!!

    Kelly xox

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