March Loves

1. Buying: Given the fact I’ve just celebrated my 30th birthday, I really should get over my penchant for dressing like my 5 year old self. But then I saw this pink floral drop-waisted dress by Girl by Band of Outsiders, and that went out the window. Sensible dressing is overrated.

2. On my wishlist: It is neither practical nor affordable, but this transparent Valentino bag trimmed with blush pink leather and gold hardware  is the stuff of sartorial dreams. I’m not sure if I can make it mine, but a girl can pretend.

3. Beauty note: I simply cannot bear the thought of dark, moody winter makeup any longer, so things are getting pretty in my makeup routine: deep plum lipstick has been replaced with neon red and petal pink; pale skin with a hint of tan and a pop of pink blush; glitter and burgundy manicures with dusty blue and lilac polish.

4. Sparkling: I’m certainly never one to resist a whimsical or witty detail, so this Lulu Frost pearl and crystal-encrusted lips necklace is simply wonderful and must come and live in my jewellery drawer.

5. Wearing: I’ve kicked off my sensible winter boots and am easing into spring with pretty ballet flats. Could these marshmallow pink (they also come in mint and lipstick red and chic black) Ferragamo bow flats be any more darling?

6. For the home: The weather might still be undecided (here in Cambridge, it is warm and sunny one day and frozen and snowing the next), but I am officially in spring mode. I’m buying fragrant bunches of pastel spring flowers every week at the farmer’s market and lighting Diptyque‘s divine new Jonquille candle that smells of fresh daffodils and narcissi in the evenings.

7. Small luxuries: After months of bleak winter, the imminent arrival of spring has me feeling freshly enthused. I’m jotting down thoughts, story ideas and inspiration as it strikes in pretty new botanical Rifle Paper Co notepads (I have one stashed in my handbag and one at my desk) to keep track of my thoughts.

8. Watching: On days when all I want to do is hibernate, a Gossip Girl marathon is my guilty pleasure. Oh, to have an apartment on the Upper East Side and a wardrobe to rival Blair Waldorf…

9. Listening to: John Legend’s peppy soul tunes are helping me get through the last dark mornings of winter and too-late departures from the office.

10. Play: Flying South for three weeks in Australia (with a weekend in Bangkok en route). It has been over two years since I was back in my homeland, and I’m so excited I could burst! Now if you’ll excuse me, there is St Tropez to be applied and a packing list to draft.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful March!

Love, Miss B xx


33 thoughts on “March Loves

  1. This post has somewhat brightened my day immensely! As a fellow Aussie expat living in Prague the almost cruel, fleeting glimpses of spring before delving back into a snowy existence are just about driving me crazy! This post has given me a new resolve to beat my recently acquired cold with bright lippy, nails and wardrobe. Who says you can’t have a sunny disposition when the sun is nowhere to be seen! Have the most amazing time in Australia!

  2. Fair warning, our weather is as crazy as ever! Be prepared for wild winds and a splash of rain, but there’s still sunshine to be had.
    Hoping to see a post about some of the fabulous things we have hidden away!

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  4. Love the marshmellow tinted SF flats! I saw a bright yellow pair and really want to invest in some sunshine given the freezing cold weather we’re experiencing in London! I wish I was back in Melb where it’s 30 degrees! Have a great time 🙂

    Tien xo

  5. I just found your blog (brilliant BTW) and wanted to take the time to say happy 30th birthday! I hope you have a memorable day and a lovely holiday. Visiting ‘home’ is always nice.

    xx Mandi

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