Summertime Pursuits

Here in England, we have been blessed with the longest, warmest summer I can recall since I moved here. The sun has been shining solidly for a month, the days are long and hot and the balmy evenings are made for languid, outdoor lazing in parks or by the water. Many of my happiest memories have been made in golden summer moments, so I plan to make the most of every sunny day for the season. Here are a few of the ways I’ll be spending the summertime:

1. Take a trip to the seaside. Growing up in Australia, most mornings started with a swim in the sea or a weekend at the beach, so to me, it just wouldn’t be summertime without a few seaside adventures. If you don’t live near the coast (as I don’t in Cambridge), then make a road trip out of it and take a weekend trip to the seaside for sunshine, sand and ice cream.

2. Throw a garden party or picnic. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden of your own, then gather all your friends and throw a summer garden party. Otherwise, pack a basket of snacks, a bottle of champagne and some fun activities and head to the park for a fabulous picnic. Bonus points for a round of croquet or bocce on the lawn.

3. Master a signature summer cocktail. You don’t have to be an expert mixologist, but everyone should be able to serve up at least one signature cocktail. Master a drink or two that you love (mine is a rosewater and lychee or pear and elderflower martini) and have your friends around for a summer cocktail party.

4. Wear bright lipstick. Summer is the perfect time to have a little fun with your makeup. Move on from Spring’s pastels and try bright colours you wouldn’t normally wear. I’ve been playing with bright pink lips or cobalt mascara paired with dewy sunkissed skin, messy buns and my favourite summery perfumes.

5. Go on a boating adventure. When the sun is shining, there is nowhere more pleasurable to be than on the water. If you don’t count someone who has a yacht among your friends (and if you do, lucky you!), then hire a rowboat or a punt, take surfing lessons or go wild swimming in a lake for an adventure on the water. If all else fails, then don your favourite swimsuit and your biggest shades and spend the whole day at the best pool you can find. I’ll be punting in Cambridge, rowing on Regent Park lake or having a pool party in Cambridge.

6. Have fun outdoors. I figure that when the temperatures are soaring, exercise might as well be fun. Learn to salsa dance, play tennis, take up surfing or go for a hike. I’ll be taking my Pashley out for long bike rides around Cambridge.

7. Watch jazz or theatre in the park. In summer, I’ll take any excuse to be outside on balmy evenings, so I include my cultural outings in this. Most cities have a wonderful programme of outdoor cinema, jazz, theatre, performances or festivals in green spaces. I’ll be going to the rooftop cinema at The Varsity by the river in Cambridge, jazz on the lawns at countryside estates with my family and watching Shakespeare in the gardens.

8. Pick your own strawberries. To me, one of the best things about summer is the abundance of delicious fresh fruit and produce (I’ve been practically living on a diet of cherries and nectarines the past few weeks). Head to a pick-your-own farm and fill a basket with sun-ripened berries or cherries and eat them just as they are or turn them into homemade jams and tarts.

9. Go to the zoo. Spend a day doing the things you used to love doing as a child. Go to the zoo, the aquarium or the funfair. Buy an ice cream, go on the rides and smile at the animal enclosures. I’ll be going to the Friday night lates at the London Zoo for monitors and monkeys.

10. Eat lobster + champagne. Head to the coast or marketplace near you for the freshest summer seafood, then throw a simple yet luxe lobster and champagne dinner party. Perfect!

Now, if anyone needs me, I’ll be having a picnic in the garden…!

What are some of your favourite activities to do at this time of year? I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer so far!

Love, Miss B xx


23 thoughts on “Summertime Pursuits

  1. We’re having the same amazing warm weather in Stockholm too! It’s a real treat after the long Winter and the pretty sad Spring we had. I’ve been enjoying countless bike rides around southern Stockholm, sporting all of my favorite bright lipsticks, and definitely had my share of ice cream treats. Happy Summer Briony! xoxo Kristina

    • This brought such a smile to my face (I love the thought of putting on a bright lipstick and taking a bike ride around Stockholm). I hope you’re having the most glorious summer!

      B xx

  2. Love these tips!! Especially mastering a summer cocktail πŸ˜‰
    I love prosecco with passion fruit puree…it’s delicious!!
    I’ve been enjoying the warm European heat too…finally!!

    • Isn’t it so welcome after what felt like the longest winter? And this cocktail sounds so delicious! I will try it soon; thanks for sharing!

      B xx

  3. Such a cute post. I spent my summer traveling between England, Scotland, Greece and Italy. It was very warm in most of the places but loved more spending my time to a Greek island, drinking cocktails and swimming in the sea πŸ™‚

    • Well this sounds positively wonderful! I’m yet to visit Greece, but a trip to the Greek Islands is top of my wanderlist!

      B xx

  4. We escaped the Australian winter and traveled over to Paris, England and Scotland in June/July and the weather was fabulous!! We had the best time and want to come back immediately! We also stocked up with some pretty bright lipsticks and bought too many fun floral outfits πŸ™‚

    • Well this just sounds perfect! I hope you had the most wonderful European summer (and that spring arrives soon in Australia for you).

      B xx

  5. Such a great post! I’m from Minnesota (in the USA) and there are so many lakes and trails to see! Maybe I’ll do a bit of outdoor exploring while wearing that bright lipstick color. πŸ˜‰
    Love it!

    • Hello from Cambridge! Thank you so much for sharing; this sounds absolutely wonderful (I can just picture those lakeside trails now…!)

      B xx

  6. Thanks for those tips, some of them are my favourite summer activities too! I love having picnics in the parks in Paris or on the Seine river embankments, doing absolutely nothing while soaking in the sun, catching up on my reading…

    Comtesse Sofia

    • Being Australian, it’s genetically coded into me to love being by the water, but I really do. And isn’t Brighton so charming (my next post will be from there in fact!)

      B xx

  7. I always love your posts! I live in California and we have some hot summers! I love spending my days at the local vineyards enjoying a nice glass of wine outside, or floating around in my pool! I just had the most fabulous backyard summer party a couple of weeks ago! I just love all of the outdoor activities! πŸ™‚

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