Valentino Dresses and Autumn Leaves

A Girl, A Style _ Valentino Dresses & Autumn LeavesA Girl, A Style _ Valentino Dresses & Autumn Leaves 2

A couple of weeks ago, I had just returned from New York and was in need of caffeine and a girl date to help overcome my jetlag. My friend had just received some excellent news, so I put on my favourite new dress and we met for hot cocoa and cake at a charming new café in Cambridge to celebrate.

As it was such a beautiful day and Cambridge was looking so splendid in all it’s autumnal glory, we walked through the colleges after lunch to savour those perfect last moments of autumn. The last of the leaves seemed to be swirling on the breeze and falling that weekend, blanketing all the college gardens in a carpet of red and gold.

A Girl, A Style _ Valentino Dresses & Autumn Leaves 4A Girl, A Style _ Valentino Dresses & Autumn Leaves 6A Girl, A Style _ Valentino Dresses & Autumn Leaves 3

As usual, we had my friend’s secret fellows garden all to ourselves (a heavenly escape from the tourists in the form of an acre of sprawling lawns and manicured English flower gardens and a canopy of old trees behind her grand college), so there was only one thing to do: act like children and throw autumn leaves at each other for the rest of the afternoon.

This dress had been on my wishlist for months and months (I have a RED Valentino addiction), so I finally bought it the moment it went on sale on Shopbop. I realise that a Valentino dress this special should really be reserved for dinner at nice restaurants and birthday parties and nights at the theatre rather than throwing leaves and twirling through Cambridge colleges, but I live by the motto that one’s favourite things should be enjoyed every day. So – true to my word – I wore it to the museum and for a rainy afternoon on the Upper East Side when I was in New York a few weeks ago, for a long walk through Central Park, at brunch with my friend at the Delaunay in London, paired with a black tuxedo jacket at the office, and just about everywhere in between.

Because really, life feels that little bit more wonderful when you’re wearing a dress that makes you want to twirl.

A Girl, A Style _ Valentino Dresses & Autumn Leaves 5

Wearing: RED Valentino dress (also available at Net-a-Porter) // J. Crew Necklace // Jacquie Aiche ring // Isabel Marant ‘Poppy’ heels (also available at Matches or similar (cheaper) style here) // Wolford tights (also available at ASOS and Selfridges). Beauty note: Essie ‘Big Spender’ nail polish // Estee Lauder ‘Fuschia Flash’ lip lacquer.

Do you save your favourite things for special occasions, or do you make your own excuse to dress up?

Love, Miss B xx


27 thoughts on “Valentino Dresses and Autumn Leaves

  1. When I was a kid I was obsessed with dresses that would twirl when you spin. I really need to get another one as currently none of my dresses twirl. That is a travesty.

    Super sweet photos Bri. Looks like you had loads of fun. xx

  2. Agree. Sometimes I’ve reserved something for special moments, and I’ve only wear them a few times. I don’t do it anymore. If I’ve something beautiful, I would use it to make a ramdon day special. And, if I can’t use something often, I wouldn’t buy it (I can’t help to be that practical).

  3. I can’t say I do.. I don’t see the point in wearing your most expensive items maybe once or twice a year. That seems silly. If I love something enough to spend a bit more on it, than I will wear it whenever the mood strikes!

  4. I think you should actually be Valentino’s ambassador! Their dresses are perfect on you. Someone please send these pictures to Pier Paolo and Maria Grazia!!! 😉

  5. I love this beautiful dress on you!! I like to wear my favorite pretty things on any occasion – I love them too much to leave them in the closet until the right event comes up…
    xx from LA,

  6. I just love autumn … I did a shoot back in May … ( the seasons here in Australia are all the other way round … ). Ok .. no Valentino dress … but lots of leaves …

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