A New Year’s Love Story

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Hello darlings, and a very belated happy new year to you all! Apologies for the inadvertent blogging hiatus this year; my day job has been rather frenetic of late, and I confess I’m not always excellent at balancing these two worlds of mine. Busy though it has been, I have to say: 2015 has been rather wonderful thus far!

For now, I’ll start with the most significant news: as those of you who follow me on Instagram may have seen, I got engaged on New Year’s Eve! The Clever Boyfriend and I met on that same night 10 years ago; by a series of coincidences we had ended up at the same cheesy bar and, as the cliche goes, our eyes met across the room. One chance encounter and a midnight New Year’s Eve kiss later, we started dating; frequenting tiny Italian cafes and galleries across the city as we fell head over heels for each other. Since then we spent years separated by oceans (he studying a Masters in Tokyo, me in Australia), moved half way across the world together, and made a home together in Cambridge. And then on New Year’s Eve, while celebrating at home (with our own tiny, but fabulously sparkly soiree with just a few of our favourite people), he asked that question. It was the perfect way to celebrate a decade of love and togetherness.

A Girl, A Style _ New Year's EngagementA Girl, A Style _ A New Year's Engagement

Being the Clever Boyfriend that he is, he knows me well enough to know that I would want to choose my own ring (he knows how much jewellery means to me, but also how particular I am about what I like). So he proposed with a candy lollipop ring (truly!) with the intention that we would choose one together and, in the meantime, I’ve been wearing a rather spectacular Lulu Frost stand-in.

This weekend, we at last started the hunt for the ring. As any good engagement ring searches go, we started at Tiffany & Co. on Old Bond Street where I fell in love with the sparkliest diamonds of them all (with the price tags to match…) and had my Audrey moment, and then it was on to Cartier, De Beers and the jewellers along Hatton Gardens (with a stop at Laduree on the way to refuel on tea and French sugar). As we haven’t quite found ‘the one’, I think we’ll opt for a bespoke ring that is uniquely ours (I’ll just have to be patient for a few more months). Stay tuned!

A Girl, A Style _ Ringing in the Year 2.JPG Details (top): Lulu Frost ring + star necklace (sold out, but similar styles available at Net-a-Porter + J.Crew + Shopbop) // BaubleBar double pearl earrings // Lulu Guinness glitter clutch c/- // gold fortune cookie // vintage bracelet (similar style at Shopbop), headband (from my friend Nicolette) and champagne saucers (similar style at BHLDN). Engagement rings (bottom), all Tiffany & Co.

I’d love to hear your love stories! Did you choose your own engagement ring, or do you have any advice for finding the perfect ring? Please do share in the comments below!

Love, Miss B xx

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  1. I’ve been following you on Instagram and the proposal sounds just perfect! We got engaged a few years ago and my husband to be (not husband!) proposed with a solitaire key ring ‘ring’ because he just didn’t want to get it wrong. I too went for a bespoke ring and the process was so exciting…from telling the designer my vision, to getting the 3d drawings of the ring and then a model of the ring which would be used for production to the final product was fabulous. I’m sure you will create something stunning….and congratulations! xx

  2. Huge congrats, B! Gorgeous rings – similar to my sister’s – quite art deco! I love my tiny diamond, it’s petite but suits my style – can’t believe my husband picked it on his own! x

  3. Congratulations! We did the same thing, I had a lovely (and over the top) stand in ring from swarovski and then we started the hunt for the one together. We couldn’t find exactly what I wanted so in the end we ended up having one made based on a (not very artistic) drawing I did and incorporating a diamond ring that his grandmother handed down. It’s perfect, I know no one else has the same one and it has added sentimental value. Good luck finding the one – much like the boy, you’ll know with the ring too 🙂 xx

  4. Congratulations! I chuckled at the ring pop bit – but that is actually such a great idea. Takes the pressure off of him, gives y’all a fun thing to do together, and you get the fun of picking exactly what you’d love!

  5. Such a lovely story! I sort of hinted to my husband what kind of ring I wanted, I have very particular taste when it comes to jewelry. Poor man went on a Google search for nearly an hour before finding the ring and proposed with it completely to my surprise. I have a simple, thin, gold band inset with a single rough (uncut) diamond from NYC jeweler Sarah Perlis. I love love love it. It has a very organic feel, delicate, isn’t flashy, and no prongs to catch on my knits. Good luck with the hunt!

  6. Wow great story! We also went the bespoke route. That way we could choose the perfect diamond at the right price and set it just as we wanted. We had gone ring shopping before and discussed the elements of the perfect ring and he had it made up without me knowing to propose on holiday in Italy. Perfection in my books 🙂 The surprise element is key, getting the perfect ring is secondary. Hope you find what you are looking for and please share!

  7. Congratulations! How heavenly!

    Glad you enjoyed T&Co, a long time ago I worked in that store! Did you see their daisy ring with a central yellow diamond? It reminds me of your stand in ring, but is not usually kept with the engagement rings, as it’s more of a statement ring.

    I can picture you in either a vintage, or vintage inspired ring (if you are going to have one hand made). Belle Epoque? Art Deco?

    If I were you I’d go to Wartski on Grafton St (just round the corner) to be inspired by their collection. They are Jewellers by appointment to Her Majesty the Queen and H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, and have the MOST magnificent collection of antique, Art Deco, vintage and Faberge pieces. The kind of jewels from a time when it was as much about workmanship as about the stones – tiny, delightful works of art. The staff are so friendly and knowledgeable that I’m sure you’d remember the experience for years.

    • Oh, and you want the wedding and engagement rings to compliment each other in both the aesthetic and comfort sense, so consider trying on wedding bands at the same time.

  8. Congratulations! It all sounds so romantic! My husband perposed on a flight to India , to visit his mother, over the PA system! When it was time to present “the ring” he came to me at our seat , on one knee and presented the ring I have always wanted. A stunning sapphire with a halo of diamond. His family had a huge 200+person engagement party all planned. I am not Indian so the whole experience was very new and exciting! Congrats and I can’t wait to see what you pick!

  9. Huge congratulations! You’ll have to start calling him your clever fiancee now though… I was always adamant I didn’t want diamonds but then my HTB proposed with an antique ring his mum had owned for 40 years and after squeaking out a ‘yes’ through my tears just looked at him, wide eyed, and said “Oh my God, it’s *my* ring!”. Being from a large family I don’t get gifted and heirlooms and so it means a lot to have something like that. I’m also incorporating some lace from my MiL’s dress in to my own, it’s the personal touches that mean the most!

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