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Poor February gets a bad rap as the bleakest month of the year. But between my birthday last week (which, characteristically, I forgot to plan anything for aside from dinner with friends in town) and the promise of Spring, it’s not all bad. Last weekend we had a marvellous evening at the annual Valentine’s Day supper at Kings College, and then a midnight stroll around Cambridge which was all lit up for the e-Luminate festival (I shared it here). This weekend I’ve been struck by a cold, so I’ll be taking my own advice and ditching Fashion Week shows this weekend in favour of hibernating in style.

1. My BFF Nicolette posted this picture (above) on my Twitter feed on my birthday, and it made my day! It was a candid I’d never seen from her wedding last May; us being us, we were taking a selfie about 3 minutes after she walked down the aisle, because #internetfriends. Our silly poses are completely ridiculous, but it makes me smile so much because it was one of my favourite days ever. After the beautiful ceremony (thank goodness for waterproof mascara and oversized Karen Walker sunglasses because there were plenty of happy tears) and reception at the Wythe in Williamsburg, we all went to the Brooklyn Bowl for midnight bowling. I loved seeing her wedding album over on Style Me Pretty this week; I dare you to resist adding the entire thing to Pinterest.

2. Have a bad case of winter face (freezing winter air + lack of sunlight = dull, parched skin)? I’ve just rediscovered my favourite glow-giving primer (after dabbling with a few others the past year), and it’s made everything a little bit better.

3. Have an Oscars movie-viewing party with your friends. Last weekend we saw The Martian, which was excellent, and The Big Short and Bridge of Spies were both outstanding. Steve JobsBrooklyn, Joy and The Danish Girl are next on my list.

4. Still on a New Year Marie Kondo organising mission like me? Pick a single room, area or cupboard to declutter this weekend and donate 10 things you no longer love or use to charity (or a friend who will use them).

5. Upgrade your off-duty weekend wear. Whistles‘ splendid French slogan tees are my favourite, and I guarantee they’re as deliciously soft and comfortable as they are cool. I already have a couple of styles, but I’ll be adding this version to my wardrobe too.

6. Why don’t you plan a project around the house. I’m finally getting my entryway wallpapered (I’ve wanted to do it since we moved in but never quite got around to it), and just ordered this amazing palm print paper and these coat hooks. I can’t wait until it’s done!

7. This utterly gorgeous statement necklace. Because it’s still winter and sometimes a girl just needs to buy herself fabulous jewellery (and also because it will look as chic with a breton top in summer as it will with a cashmere sweater or oxford shirt now).

Let me know what you’re enjoying at the moment or what you’re up to this weekend in the comments below. And now, the weekend calls! 

Love, Miss B xx

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13 thoughts on “7 Things for the Weekend

  1. What a cute photo! Candids always make the best wedding photos! I just recently found Whistles and I’m so glad you recommended them! Hoping to scoop up a few items of theirs before my big UK trip this spring! xx celebratingthislife.ca

    • Thank you so much; they’re my favourites too. And you are welcome; Whistles is one of my favourite go-to stores for workwear, party dresses and easy, chic casual pieces (I think they ship internationally for free too).

      B xx

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