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A Girl, A Style _ Bow & Arrow
A Girl, A Style _ Bow & Arrow 3

Confession: I despise the concept of fast-fashion. Of course I’ll indulge in fun, inexpensive updates to my wardrobe each season just like everyone else (and I must do an ASOS at least a few times a month), but generally I prefer to see my wardrobe as a collection of treasures which I curate, edit and build upon each season and love for years to come. Like any collector, I have my weaknesses that I’m drawn to again and again; give me a French detail (little black dresses, breton stripes, pearls and chain-strap bags), lucky charms and love talismans (cupid’s arrows, lip motifs, hearts and wishbones), or put a bow on anything (it must be chic, never twee) and I’m powerless to resist.

On this blog, you’re far more likely to see me wearing a mix of a new favourite items teamed with the pieces I’ve owned and loved for years and years rather than a head-to-toe look I’ve just bought that week and might never wear again. That’s not how I dress in my daily life, and it’s not how I like my wardrobe; I don’t believe in consumerism just for the sake of it, and will only buy things if I know I’m going to get mileage out of them. Whilst that probably makes me a bad blogger (I rarely post the latest trends just to drive sales), it does mean that if something appears on here, it’s because I genuinely love and wear that item (and think you might too).

A Girl, A Style _ Lulu Frost
A Girl, A Style _ Corpus Christi Clock Cambridge
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Take this outfit, for example: I bought this little Marc Jacobs ‘Stam’ bag about 12 years ago (I loved it so much I invested in three versions of the same bag and still bring them out each year, because to me they’re classics), these sunglasses were a gift from my fiancé about 10 years ago (they’re so classic that they’re still Chloe’s bestsellers every season), and I bought these Louboutin heels a few years ago and still love them (even though they’re entirely impractical). Throw in a dress which works as well on weekends as it does at the office (it’s both fun and classic at the same time) and some jewels which feel like vintage treasures, and it’s the perfect formula.

So my point is this: invest a little more in those labels and pieces that make you the happiest (they’re usually the items you are drawn to again and again, regardless of trends), treasure them for years and just add a few fun new things into the mix to keep things fresh each season.

If you embrace the items you can’t help but collect, then your wardrobe will always feel like a curation of treasures.

A Girl, A Style _ Marc Jacobs Stam Bag
A Girl, A Style _ Bow & Arrow 6Wearing: Carven dress (sold out, but similar styles here) // Christian Louboutin heels (old, but similar styles here) // Marc Jacobs bag (old, but available here) // Lulu Frost necklace (old, but similar styles here) // Lulu Frost earrings (similar style here) // Kenneth Jay Lane ring // Chloe sunglasses.
Beauty: MAC ‘Ruby Woo’ lipstick // Deborah Lippmann nail polish // NARS ‘Impassioned’ blush

Which pieces do you collect time after time? I’d love to hear about your most treasured items and talismans!

Love, Miss B xx

Photos by Amber-Rose

13 thoughts on “Bow and Arrow

  1. My favourite items will always be my bags – I have an orange and black Mulberry tweed Lily that I use time and time again, and I also absolutely love my black Chloe Drew, even though it’s a bit battered now!

    I also absolutely love my old pair of King Bulldog French Sole flats, but they’re worn out now so I’ve had to graduate to Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats (and for some reason I have both the round-toed originals and the pointed Century Kitty versions…).

    I much prefer to buy cheaper clothes and chop and change as I want, and save my pennies for accessories – especially shoes and bags! Although I just got myself a new Stackers jewellery box, which means I might start investing there now I can actually see what I have!

  2. I absolutely loved this; thank you so much for sharing! And I know all those pieces you’re talking about (would love to add a Chloe Drew to my collection too).

    I completely agree about saving money on clothes and spending on accessories; I do buy more expensive clothes, but try to always avoid paying full price (taking advantage of promo codes and sales), but accessories are where I’m willing to invest.

    B xx

  3. AMEN! I absolutely adore this outfit lady, and absolutely love this post too. I’m very similar to you in the sense that I try to be sensible with my purchase so that cost-per-wear is worth it (although partial to an ASOS shop) and don’t shop to be trendy. Your style is one of my absolute favourites too xxx

    • Thank you so much on all counts! And cost-per-wear is my number one motto when considering a new purchase (if I can’t pair it with three other things in my wardrobe or see myself at least a few times a month, I don’t buy it) – it usually does the trick for me!

      B xx

    • I adore my Mulberry bag too and have got so much wear out of it it’s now down to pennies on a cost-per-wear basis!

      B xx

  4. So excited to see more content from you Briony! Your classic-meets-feminine style gives me so much inspo. I follow you, Julia Engel and Jenny Bernheim religiously and its so fun to see what you put together.

    I am just starting to understand and appreciate the idea of “curating” a wardrobe. I’ve done a capsule wardrobe for the past season, and it is amazing to see how much more sophisticated your tastes become when you’re limited to high-quality, versatile and neutral pieces. I’m loving the off-the-shoulder trend this season though, so that may be my “trendy” purchase!

    • Thank you so much Katie! And I love Julia and Jenny’s style too (Julia is actually one of my blogging pals and I confirm she’s just as lovely as she is gorgeous and stylish).

      And I love the off-the-shoulder trend too; I’m currently trying to find a pretty top or dress which it both flattering and wearable.

      B xx

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