May in Pictures

London in the rain (as April’s showers insist on continuing). Exploring Columbia Road. Filling my home with armfuls of Spring flowers. Pear milkshakes and strawberry poppy macarons at Laduree with my friend Charlotte. Wearing the brightest colours in my wardrobe and filling my wrist with arm candy. Choos galore arrive at my house for a fun collaboration with Jimmy Choo. After work trips to the farmers market and rides on my PashleyWarm evenings spent beside the river in Cambridge. Thatched cottages, tiny villages, antique shops and Shakespeare on a long weekend in the Cotswolds (another of my ’30 things to do before I’m 30′ goals). Walks to Grantchester in Cambridge for picnics, countryside air and tea beneath the apple trees at The Orchard. Darling English bluebell season. Watching the Clever Boyfriend collect his PhD from Cambridge University (and bubbling over with pride). Climbing to the top of the Kings College Chapel roof (a very rare Cambridge privilege) as a celebratory treat. New Mulberry shoes and other treasures that make me smile. A trip to the London Zoo. Raspberry ice cream in the blazing sunshine in Regent’s Park.A trip to Bicester Village (a mecca for discounted designer treats) with Alice Temperley. Staying in Mayfair with family and waking up to the glorious view of plush townhouses and treetops. Window shopping in the neighbourhood; Miu Miu and Chanel and Penhaligon’s, oh my! Evening walks around Piccadilly and Chinatown. Pret-a-Portea with my friend Dearne at the Berkeley. Lazing in Hyde Park on balmy evenings. Violet cocktails at the Rose Bar for a dose of old-London decadence.

I hope you all had a wonderful month!

Love, Miss B xx

11 thoughts on “May in Pictures

  1. Oh I remember your post where you had the beautiful pic of you on the bike! I love the rest of your photos in the collage but that one is my fav =) Keep up the great work!

  2. Thank you for sharing these delightful snapshots of your life! Your appreciation of the simple (yet wonderful!) pleasures makes me appreciate the similar moments of loveliness in my own life. A visit to your blog is definitely one of my happy moments in the day!
    I can’t believe there is a blog that captures my own interests so well, and the fact we share the same name!! :)
    Looking forward to the next month!

  3. WOw…that sounds like a splendid month of May and oh my, how you’ve done so many fun things!

    I love all the colors in your photos!!! Congrats on your boo’s Phd, i would be proud too if i were you!!! hehehe…and it sure is nice to back in the country side at times isnt it? Gotta say, the pic of you with the phone booth just rocks!=)

    Wish i had the time or remember to buy flowers to brighten my home as well. Gosh, the strawberry poppy macaron and raspberry ice cream is making me drool right now! You always have the best sweet treats dont ya?;-)

    And big congrats again on your collab with Choo!!! That is just too good to be true!!!

    Hope you’re having a fab June as well.


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